All Eyes On Your Hands

All Eyes On Your Hands

What do your hands say about you?

Scientists and psychologists talk about interesting connections between hand ratios and our abilities and personalities.

For example, the digit ratio, which refers to the ratio of the length of the index finger to the ring finger length, is sometimes used as an athletic indication. The longer the ring finger is compared to the index finger, the more muscular strengths young males have. Scientists theorized that this could be evidence that testosterone influences the length of some fingers.

Psychologists noticed that individuals with a shorter ring finger compared to their index finger are also less likely to seek short-term relationships with different partners. This, too, could be related to exposure to testosterone during early fetal development stages.

While scientists of different expertise are still divided on the potential meaning behind finger length, fashion has already made a decision. Beauty ideals value long fingers as an indication of gracefulness and elegance, and hand models are praised for their slim and well-proportioned fingers and hands. Genetics does play a huge role in the shape and size of your hands. However, even if you do not have “textbook beautiful” hands, you can still improve their appearance.

Your skincare routine for your hands

A hand care routine is an indispensable part of your skincare rituals. Indeed, your hands are the first part of your body that shows signs of aging. Hands can develop premature aging through constant exposure to harsh environments, such as wind, cold, and chemical products. Therefore, it is essential to build an anti-aging hand routine.

Similar to your facial routine, you want to make time for exfoliation once to twice a week to help remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating will also help the skin absorb moisturizing products more easily. If you use a retinol or Vitamin C serum on your face, it may be worth adding a few drops to your hand cream. It will help protect the skin from free radical damage.

Applying hand cream is a no-brainer. Ideally, you should keep your hand cream near the sink, so you can apply it after washing your hands.
Sunscreen protection on your hands is essential to protect yourself from premature aging and dark spots.

Healthy nails

Your fingernails reveal a lot about your health. Did you know that your nails are made of the same material as your hair? While hair care products can address nutrient deficiencies for your hair, there aren’t such products for your nails. Consequently, your diet must prioritize 8 essential vitamins and nutrients for your nails:

  • Biotin: present in egg yolk, liver, avocado, nuts, and dairy products
  • B vitamins B12 and B9: present in citrus fruits, dark leafy vegetables, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products
  • Iron: Green leafy vegetables, peanuts, seeds, fish, beef, and beans
  • Magnesium: nuts, whole grains, and black beans
  • Protein
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: fatty fish, but also flax seeds and eggs
  • Vitamin C
  • Zinc: Animal proteins and soy
Pretty nails matter

Manicured nails can give your hands a polished and elegant look. Nail polish manicures can last several weeks and even protect your nails. There is a lot more to pretty nails than meets the eye. Manicured hands are a fashion statement that can make you stand out from the crowd. Many describe manicure as an empowering tool that can complete their appearance and convey a unique message.

Perfectly painted nails require skills. But with plenty of professional manicure salons to choose from, you don’t have to struggle at home to create fancy designs. Besides, if you are not keen to pay the price for a face-to-face appointment, AI manicure could revolutionize your nail budget and manicure design. With prices starting from $8, you could get the manicure of the future in no time from companies such as Clockwork.

Jewelry on every finger?

Rings are a statement. A ring is typically a symbol of a relationship when worn on the ring finger. Yet, fashion statements and rings are also a match made in heaven. So, if you are looking for ways to accessorize your hands, rings are the way to go.

For ring wearers who want to wear multiple rings comfortably on the same hand, thumb rings add a strong and confident statement.

The index finger is the most active of your fingers, used for pointing and communicating. When choosing a ring for the pointer, it’s a good idea to try on bands while flexing your finger. It could change the size and affect your comfort. More often than not, a slightly larger band will be a better choice to maintain your range of motion.

The middle finger is often the largest finger, so minimalist styles will ensure it doesn’t look bulky.
The ring finger and the pinky are the less mobile fingers and better suited for large statement pieces — unless you’re already wearing a wedding band.

Avoid hand ink until you know how to care for your tattoo

Hand tattoos are growing in popularity. However, if you are considering getting your hand(s) inked, you want to think about aftercare. Hand tattoos may need a long time to heal compared to other parts of the body. Tattoos around your knuckles and joints are prone to patchiness and fading. Palms, sides of the hand, and even between your fingers are places where the skin isn’t able to hold the ink for a long time.

So to preserve your hand tattoo for as long as possible, you want to introduce a gentle aftercare routine. Keep your hands moisturized and avoid scratching the surface during the healing period. Hand tattoos tend to be itchy as they heal, so you will need to be disciplined! Your tattoo artist can also recommend specialist soaps and gels to keep your skin healthy and soft.

Exercise your hands

Exercises can help shape your fingers and create slim and long-looking fingers. There are approximately 30 muscles in your hands, which you can grow stronger and bigger. Strengthening hand muscles will not make your fingers larger. On the contrary, it can prevent joint issues and help reduce the appearance of chubby fingers. Simple workouts such as squeezing a ball or stretching your fingers can show positive results.

In conclusion, your hands say a lot about your health, skincare regime, fitness levels, and diet. With dedicated care, you can help transform your hands. It’s time to let your hands do the talking and show their true beauty.


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