Zadig & Voltaire FW20

Represented by Karla Otto.

In a play of contrasts, Zadig & Voltaire mixes yesterday’s fashion codes with those of today, channeling the Sweden of the seventies into the Parisian streets of 2020. Inspirations are broad. Combinations are key. Nostalgia is a good thing, as long as it looks to the future.

From her childhood memories of Gothenburg, Cecilia Bönström brings back the colors, the paisley patterns and the floral motifs that graced the seventies. It was all about play: wild pairings and raw freedom evokes an era when one dared to dare.

Zadig & Voltaire

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Shapes, in turn classic, vintage or visionary, bend gender rules. Rock’n’roll edginess triumphs, with revamped oversized tweeds, velvets, and aged leather. The suit is having a reboot, playing with a profusion of styles: extra-large jackets, ankle boots, and sharp trousers.

The look is both sexy and androgynous, transgressing the codes it masters to perfection. There is a sense of urgency, a mad rush. Modern and radical, the silhouette is embellished with hammered, weathered silver jewelry, as if worn by time and habit.

Whether technical or traditional, the fabric is always key, setting the tone. From faux fur to grained leather, knitwear or silk, it speaks for itself. The collection is aimed at the urban woman, as epitomized by the collaboration with Ernest Leoty and its tailored bodysuits.

The line is cutting edge and bold, like the razor-sharp letters that make up the initials Z&V. For the first time, they appear as a monogram. Set in gold, they seal handbags, woven into jacquard wool, they repeat themselves indefinitely, obsessively. The logo ZV stands proudly on the initialed leather goods line, a collection that is as timeless as it is classic.

The house presents a commanding and controlled style, straightforward in its conception, with no artifice, looking back at its heritage to better celebrate its day. Speed is of the essence.

Zadig & Voltaire resonates with the women and men who are ready to spring into action.


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