Xuan Couture Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Xuan Couture Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

Born in Vietnam, the designer Xuan-Thu Nguyen grew up in the Netherlands, where her parents founded a textile company. Being raised around a family tradition of craftsmanship influenced her to pursue a career as a designer. The design house is based in Paris with production in France and Holland. Nguyen is best known for the evocative stories that her clothes tell. Their aesthetic and construction work together to convey the intimacy, surprise and fragility that underlie her personal experiences.

Would you believe it, that this collection is inspired by colours and happiness? The aura of feeling joy. Floating in a cloud of utter bliss. Imagine you are driving away, with your face up to the sun, feeling the light.

Xuan Couture Spring/Summer 2019 Collection

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Photography: Vincent Fandos

In total blackness, XUAN finds her expression of explosion of colours by stripping away what normally is defined by happiness. Shapes and lines overlap onto the clothes, to abstract what we see and reveal an underlying, inner world. A dark sweetness absorbs and emphasizes the feeling of this story.


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