Viviene Hu Presents “The Chinese Fairy Coloratura Soprano” at NYFW SS20

The Chinese Fairy Coloratura Soprano

This September, runway designer Vivienne Hu debuted her spring summer 2020 collection and introduced American vocalist Elle Varner and Chinese “fairy coloratura soprano” Chang Sisi who both opened her new spring/summer collection. They performed Varner’s “Only Wanna Give It To You.”

Growing up, Chang Si Si has always loved singing. She started professional training at the age of 15. At that time she was exposed to coloratura. She started to perform in front of a broader audience and collected awards from numerous music festivals at the young age of 20. Shortly after, her composer composed a lot of coloratura pieces. Her audience quickly gravitated towards it and associated her with the nickname ”the fairy coloratura soprano.” She became the youngest artist to hold a solo-concert at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in China at the age of 24. That same year she was appointed as the youngest vice-chairman of the Shandong Province Musician Association.

Vivienne Hu Studio

Chang Si Si was honored to perform at Vivienne’s show and was very excited when Vivienne proposed a duet between her and Elle. Although she is known as a classical singer, she is also fascinated by pop music, where she takes the time to train herself to be more versatile in the music industry. She felt very confident as she could feel all the audience’s eyes on her when she sang the first note. Despite the fact that she had only five days to learn the song, she enjoyed the collaboration and deemed it to be a successful one. This was not her first fashion show experience. She has actually performed at another show and received a lot of positive feedback from press and media. “Xuanjin” is the song she performed during Vivienne’s show, and is one of her favorite pieces. “Xuan” in Chinese means dazzling. “Jing” denotes a state of peacefulness and corresponds to the chanting part in the song. For future endeavors, she has upcoming performances at international movie festivals in Macau and South Korea. This year, she will also participate in a concert with her mentor and friends in Canada. Her advice for aspiring artists would be to keep learning. As an old adage goes, “good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.” A lot of effort goes into achieving any goals – always aim to be a better self through consistent learning and practice.


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