VI MMXX AW2022/23

VI MMXX AW2022/23

Aversatile, evolving image, ready for transformation: this is where Valentina Ilardi starts for her next autumn-winter collection, exploring a sensuality that knows no gender limits.

Through the reemergence of a primal and feminine strength, she rediscovers the pleasure of a physical and tactile dimension, in different materials, in the deep and warm colors as well as in the street and contemporary cuts, faithful to the DNA
of her style.

Valentina Ilardi

Poetry and functionality, lived through an archive of experiences that Valentina Ilardi has collected all over the world in her work as a stylist, coincide in a collection that composes an ideal wardrobe of interchangeable and superimposable items of clothing. Contrasting layers and sensations, technical details such as snap- hooks, thermosensitive and reflective materials combined with precious lace and brocade, allow endless combinations for day and night looks and the creation of a customized style, suitable for all ages. The bomber jacket, the knee-length skirt, the low waist, the overall, the outerwear, are rethought through a new idea of sensuality, which combines sartorial skills with soft, street-inspired volumes. A sense of re-appropriation of the body which comes from the younger and more sensitive generations, felt by cult series such as Euphoria, define what it means to be stylish today.

To fully experience the moment we are living, Valentina Ilardi chooses once again to take off from the feminine, primogenital, fertile energy, creator of innovation. From the place where she has been creating and living during the last year, an ancient convent in the territory of the Roman Castles, she starts reflecting on the idea of an open and ancestral feminine world, which knows no gender boundaries, inspired by the rituals of renewal, lunar and seasonal changes of the Volscian goddess Decluna, who, according to legend, resided on that very hill. Precisely the mysticism and magnetism of these places gives rise to the idea of a collection with contemporary cuts and gentle shapes. The minidresses and the revisited version of the round-cut overall made of lace and fishnet fabric combine with low-waisted outerwear, bomber jackets, bathrobes, proposed in embossed brocade woven on a frame by Chatelles Sur Lion, Japanese tartan, and military green astrakhan. A soft feather-effect pattern drops from the knee-length skirt to the crop and coat, creating suggestions of the ’70s, as well as bodysuits inlaid with lace and tulle interact with shorts, high-waisted bermudas and a jumpsuit in precious bouclé and brocade fabric, available in different cuts and sizes.

The palette recalls the shades of these places: from the explosion of amaranth leaves on the Vivaro fields in autumn, to the deep tones and reflections of the lakes illuminated by the light in winter, to the color melange of the undergrowth dotted with the pink of tender cyclamens and the darker tones of the shady gardens, where even on the coldest days fleshy camellias bloom in iridescent red. The combination of precious and natural fabrics, together with new, technical and experimental materials, such as Thermo fabrics of military origin, which change color — from green to sand — with the warmth of the body, allow you to use each piece in all situations of the day and to take it on trips without creasing.


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