Untitled Collective’s Fall/Winter 2021

Untitled Collective’s Fall/Winter 2021

Untitled Collective‘s Fall/Winter 2021 “Sartorial Adolescence” collection will be unveiled digitally on Monday, the 15th of February.

FW21 is the 5th collection from the brand.

Untitled Collective

Photos: Jesper D. Lund

Existence of different cultures embedded in the city created different types of youth subcultures. Art, music, fashion have contrasting roots and intermixing these origins births various subcultures among young people. A place where it’s youth come of age navigating these cultures that define their color and develop consciousness of one’s self. UNTITLED COLLECTIVE’s FW2021 collection pilots this landscape with a seasonal concept of “Sartorial Adolescence”. Influenced by diverse young artists in Brooklyn, the collection focuses on breaking restrictive stigmas of contemporaneity.

Staying away from seasonal trends and dynamics of the fashion system, the collection reimagines a workwear for young artists by combining the fluidity of youth with the refinement of luxury. The fluid tailoring represents the rawness, fragility and uncertainty of the youth while structural trims and pieces convey security and their rebellious nature. To highlight real-life and the present, attention was given to minimal and utilitarian elements through elongated silhouettes with clean lines that draw the eye vertically, up and down, nothing superfluous.

The collection’s earth tones and versatile neutral shades color palette simultaneously evokes Brooklyn architectural geogra- phy starting from the warehouses to old raw factory buildings. A soft blazer layered with stiff Eco denim sweatshirt and trousers articulate youthful dual emotions. Patches are gently placed on both inside and outside of garments, evoking a subtle sense of workwear. Gussets inserted on tailored garments throughout the collection isn’t just design following function, it’s simultaneously providing freedom for bodily movements. Capturing the essence of a relaxed mood of youth yet showcasing the straightforward element of traditional, elegantly tailored, and focused.


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