Trinity Moran Shines at #NYFW with Naeem Khan

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Naeem Khan FW16, Starring Trinity Moran


Image by ABC News
Image by ABC News
ABC News and Fashion Week Online were privileged to go backstage for a very special Naeem Khan show this season. ABC reporter Charli James and our Editor-in-Chief Chris Collie got an advanced look at the collection, and — even more importantly — got a chance to speak to the beautiful Trinity Moran, living her dream of being a runway model thanks to Make-A-Wish and Glam4Good.

She walked the runway in a dress she helped design with Naeem Khan. “I really want to be a model,” said Trinity, “and that’s what’s happening right now.”

Interview by ABC News’ Charli James


Q: So we’re backstage again here at the Naeem Khan show here at Fashion Week and I’m here with a very special guest, a special model here in this show. This is Trinity Moran. You are 11 years old, is that right?


Q: In 5th grade and she’s here as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She is fighting a rare and aggressive cancer and part of her wish was to be in a runway show. Can you tell me a little bit about why this was your dream?


A lot of people tell me that I’m really pretty and that really helps my self-esteem and I really want to do modeling and as a baby I used to always run around in dresses and try to do my make-up. And I just really wanted to be in modeling and that’s what’s happening right now.

I just really wanted to be in modeling and that’s what’s happening right now.

Q: So a little bit of a dream come true? And you’re not only getting to be in the show but you had this dress specially made for you and you got to help design it as well, is that correct?

Yeah he was sitting on the ground, and everybody thought it was a precious moment because we were sitting together sketching it, but I got to design it, and I got to tell him where I wanted and stuff and this is exactly what I was thinking of.

I got to design it, and this is exactly what I was thinking of.

Q: So I spoke with the designer a little bit earlier and he said that he was really happy that the dress is red because it feels like it’s such a cheerful color and he wants you to feel happy. Do you feel happy right now?

Very happy.

Q: And so have you been practicing your model walk or anything for this?

Yes I have.

Q: Can we see a little bit of it?

I’m shy; I’m sorry.

Q: Well, soon it will be out on the runway, it’s a very exciting moment. Congratulations and you look absolutely beautiful.

Thank you so much.

Q: Is this your first time to New York?


Q: Well, enjoy New York City and thank you so much Trinity and good luck in the show, your first one.

Thank you so much.



You can donate to help her family through GoFundMe:

$8k of $12k raised

Learn more

Make-A-Wish: Make-A-Wish
Glam4Good: Glam4Good
ABC News: ABC News

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