Top 4 Products To Promote Your Fashion Brand

Top 4 Products To Promote Your Fashion Brand

The exciting thing about marketing and promotions is that you can incorporate any strategy or gimmick. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating tactics that can sell out your brand and earn more loyal customers.

One of the most proven and effective marketing efforts many businesses never overlook is promotional products. This article will tackle what top products to use to promote your fashion brand.

Whether you’re just starting out with your clothing brand or you’ve already established your name and style, brand interest will always be an ingredient to your overall success. Expose your brand to more sets of eyes by incorporating it into giveaways and promotional items. You can hand them out during events and marketing activities.

Consider stylish, functional, and innovative items that will attract your target audience. Check out the following promotional items that embody such factors.

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1. Apparel

Clothing can be used for many types of promotions. Businesses of all types can take advantage of this option. Your fashion brand, in particular, can maximize clothing products.

Here are some apparel products that can promote your brand anytime and anywhere when worn:

  • T-Shirts And Polo ShirtsTake advantage of some custom polo shirt ideas and have your logo and brand name printed on them. A shirt is the most effective type of apparel that can showcase your fashion business. But, make sure to incorporate your sense of style into the shirts as well.When you give people promotional t-shirts, they become walking billboards for your brand. So, hand out these custom-printed shirts to your staff and employees during promotional events.
  • Caps Or HatsPromotional apparel such as caps and hats are also trendy. Adding your logo to a hat is one of the best ways to promote your business. Everyone wearing it can advertise your business in an instant.
2. Face Masks

Due to the pandemic, the wearing of masks is continuously recommended or mandated in different cities or countries. As a clothing business, you can take advantage of masks by advertising them as a fashion statement wear. Inspire everyone to look chic, even with a mask. It’ll probably take a long time before people will have to stop wearing them, so you might as well maximize the opportunity.

Printing your brand or logo on face masks will expose your brand to a lot of people. You can also design your own masks and even sell them as staple products for your fashion business. For promotion purposes, send out samples to clients, and you’ll be able to hit two birds in one stone. First, you can use the masks as promotional products. Second, you can sell them, too, and make real money out of them.

You can increase brand recognition by asking customers to post selfies of them wearing masks on social media, along with a branded hashtag. You can hire models or collaborate with influencers and have them wear your masks online for broad exposure.

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3. Shoulder Bags Or Backpacks

Bags will never be missed out on the list of the best promotional products used by many companies. Even industries that don’t belong in the fashion scene use them because of their use. Design some tote bags, shoulder bags, and backpacks for all types of users. Print your brand and logo on them, while people will be the ones to use them while traversing different places, resulting in more brand exposure for you.

You’re able to instantly turn your recipient into a walking advertisement by giving them a giveaway bag. The bag will also serve a lot of personal purposes, such that they can carry it with them in high foot-traffic areas, like supermarkets, hospitals, gyms, and many other locations. When they use it intentionally, they’ll be unconsciously exposed to your brand and business.

Since your business is in the fashion industry, choose designs that highlight your brands strongest features. They should be of good quality, with similar patterns and designs to your other fashion products. Place yourself in your customers shoes, and make sure that you’ll want to use the bags yourself.

4. Pens

Despite sounding simplistic and outdated, this idea offers a lot of benefits. And, a plus is that they don’t cost much. You can order them in bulk and give out to all prospects and attendees during expos, exhibitions, and marketing campaigns. Marketing with pens is a timeless way to promote your business. Almost everyone uses a pen in some way, either in school, work, or company; they can effectively expose your brand and logo as well.
Put your branded pens everywhere you need them in your office. Allow your visitors and guests to use them when they register their names at the reception.


A promotional giveaway can provide some free exposure for your business. This is especially crucial for a fashion brand like yours. Since your products are ultimately outerwear, it’s best to take advantage of masks, apparel items, and the rest of the product ideas listed in this article. Get ready to have them produced in bulk and wait until your brand will be exposed and recognized more by your target market.


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