The Rooftop Show Produced by Emon Gee Entertainment at Miami Swim Week

A Vibrant Celebration of Emerging Designers

The Rooftop Show is a testament to the power of collaboration and the celebration of emerging talent. By providing a platform for designers, Emon Gee Entertainment aims to inspire the industry, foster innovation, and ignite conversations around the future of fashion.

SunkissedBDA by Donneka Simmons

Sunkissed was established in Bermuda in June 2020 during the pandemic. Donneka Simmons, founder and designer, first started creating swimwear and now 3 years later, she is also designing apparel for kids and adults of all ages. “This is just the beginning”, said Donneka. Sunkissed crochet brand has taken Donneka beyond where she thought she would be in such a short timeframe.

Fayah Athletics by Ayo Abiola

Fayah Athletics, Canadian based brand by Ayo Abiola, designs reflect her unique artistic sensibilities, transforming fashion into wearable art. Each piece carries a distinct touch, allowing individuals to express their individuality through her creations. By merging aesthetics and functionality, Ayo strives to create a line that is both bold and accessible to a wide range of people, transcending boundaries and inspiring self-expression.

The Rooftop Show

Yubehandmade by RoseMarie Lewis

Yubehandmade is a timeless crochet swimwear brand that launched in 1999. Yubehandmade is a highly acclaimed brand that upholds its status in the crochet community. RoseMarie Lewis, founder and designer, started crocheting because she wanted to make a scarf to match her son’s snowsuit – she made the entire scarf the same day! Yubehandmade is known for adding a fun splash whether sexy or comfy to summer wardrobes that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Camille Anthony by La’Vinnia Holliday

La’Vinnia Holliday, the swimwear artisan, is the creative force behind Camille Anthony swimwear; a boundless source of inspiration and enthusiasm. Camille Anthony offers a breath of fresh air for the refined woman who desires to celebrate her skin’s beauty while staying true to her unique self-expression. Recognizing the limitations imposed on women’s fashion, Camille Anthony fearlessly explores uncharted territories of design innovation and fashion possibilities, catering to the discerning taste of individual style mavens.

IDGPE4T by Nish

IDGPE4T is a one-of-a-kind brand where art meets craftsmanship. IDGPE4T was founded by Nish, a self-taught designer, in 2019. The handsewn brand unifies fashion and sexual liberation while also featuring exclusivity.

HC Eyewear by Shalandria McGlown

HC Eyewear, by Shalandria McGlown, offers a captivating collection of luxury and vintage sunglasses, combining timeless elegance with exceptional craftsmanship. HC Eyewear ensures that every customer experiences the epitome of luxury and style.

Betty’s Pop-Up Shop

Betty’s Pop-Up Shop located in Ewing, New Jersey is renowned for its exceptional and exclusive designs. From intricate hand-embroidered details to innovative fabric combinations, these special designs offer customers a truly remarkable and distinct fashion experience. Whether it’s a striking evening gown or a statement accessory, each item exudes a sense of individuality and sets the wearer apart from the crowd.


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