The Grandest Spring Virtual Fashion Week In California

The Grandest Spring Virtual Fashion Week In California

In San Francisco, Spring began with the Award-Winning Fashion Community Week; one of the largest Fashion Events in the West Coast! As one of the leading platforms for International and Local Fashion Designers and brands, the organization celebrated their 12th edition with a 4-day virtual event.

The Virtual Fashion Week consisted of two Conferences with Fashion Brand and Tech Company presentations, a Spring Fashion show and an opportunity to Shop the Runway collections, this March 10th through 13th.

Fashion Community Week

This year the 12th edition kicked off with a World-Wide Fashion Tech Conference, focusing on innovation and future of the Fashion Industry. The conversation presented the CEO’s of Trendalytics, Eyefitu, Fitmatch, Taffi and Sustalytics.

The second day was ignited by a conversation with owners of Global Fashion Brands on sustainability and how these brands are pioneering the fashion industry. The conference featured Elegnano, Daria Ilkorur Designs, Induo, Gentile and L’Appart PR.

The third day was the most popular day of the virtual fashion week, A New Experience runway show featuring One-of-a-Kind collections of the season by local and International designers. The presenting designers were: Nocturne, Sisi Aduke, Florencia Ferrero, Sapphire and Phyllis Emelda.

The final day of the Spring event was an online interactive event ‘Hot Off the Runway’, which allowed all debuting designers of the show to have their collection available for immediate purchase. It offered an opportunity for viewers and buyers to shop designs right from the runway.

The fashion designers, beauty talents, speakers of brand and tech companies of the 12th edition participated from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin and North America. The LIVE experience on their social media channels featured the 4-day event, allowing the audience to join from all over the globe and enjoy the shows alongside us.

Each year, Fashion Community Week has had the opportunity to represent fashion brands and beauty talents from around the globe. The organization has represented businesses from over 60 countries, many of the talents coming from under represented backgrounds to launch their dreams at Fashion Community Week. The organization firmly believes in standing for ‘fashion has no borders’ and ‘beauty has no gender, size or race barriers’! Additionally, the organization provides opportunities for the local and global fashion community in helping community bonding, interaction, network and create connections in the fashion industry.

Last year, the organization launched its online fashion incubator program to help emergent fashion designers and brands. The program offers workshops and consultations to help with business development and launch. An e-boutique platform is created to help sell the collections of designers. An interview series is formed with live conversations with founders of Fashion brands, who share their expert advice with emergent industry talents. Finally, a Virtual Fashion Week is launched every season to offer exposure and business advancement for the emerging fashion businesses.

We invite you to follow Fashion Community Week’s website to learn about their online incubator programs and upcoming events. The organization is looking forward to celebrating their 13th edition in the Fall of 2021 and continuing to position San Francisco as the leading location for global emerging fashion brands.


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