The Frntal Souls For Peace

The Frntal Souls For Peace

Inspired by the spirit of the Ukrainian people & the incredible power of the web3 tech and community to come together for good, we are honoured to announce “The Frntal Souls For Peace”.

We have partnered with Ukrainian celebrities, influencers, and international artists who are donating their artwork for the cause, supporting humanitarian & relief efforts in the Ukraine, to raise funds for organisations that are helping those suffering from the war

The project initiates a large-scale NFT sale that includes pieces from 30 influencers and artists spanning multiple disciplines.

These include Lukas Avalon,Marta Pitchuk, YuliaLebedeva, Diane De Maria,Marianna Gioka, Gil Antolin, Ryle Tuvierra, Dairo Vargas, Juliya Tkach, Anna Nepliakh, Evgenia Nikulina, Laura Grinberga, and more.

The proceeds will be donated towards #Unchain_Ukraine, a charity project created by blockchain activists.

The situation on the ground is devastating,and we encourage you to support!



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