The Best Watches For Your Style

Whether you’re working in a professional capacity or just want to stand out among your peer group, having a strong sense of style and fashion is pretty important. Wearing the right clothes for the right season, looking sleek, and dressing to the nines can all cement your reputation in a positive way.

Sometimes when you want to show off your status a little bit more, you’ll need to accessorize. One of the best accessories to use for this is a watch. Luxury watches are something that might seem like a thing of the past but are actually quite relevant today. And as status symbols go, watches make one heck of an impression. Here are five types of watches to think about this year.


Quartz watches are an amazing, efficient timepiece. They’re durable, last a long time, and are available in numerous varieties. Most quartz watches are incredibly accurate, whether they’re digital or mechanical. Quartz technology is associated with high quality due to their use in extreme environments. Military personnel, divers, and folks who do a lot of outdoor activities tend to wear these watches. They’re also used in many types of digital watches due to their ability to withstand pressure changes. And the way they work is just fascinating. The quartz crystal inside is essentially just a piece of synthetic quartz that vibrates at a very specific frequency when an electrical current is applied to it. Standard quartz generates its own current when it’s bent into a certain shape. With a luxury quartz watch, you get the high quality craftsmanship that goes into a standard luxury style but with the added advantage of reliable quartz crystal.


Diving watches are another unique type of watch people tend to love. A diver’s watch is designed to withstand the rigors of underwater exploration. These watches are usually waterproof up to 300 meters (1,000 feet). They also feature multiple layers of protection between the movement and caseback of the watch. This design prevents water pressure from damaging the watch when you’re swimming or exploring underwater. They can also be a luxury item. Most luxury brands do offer diving watches, most of which maintain the quality and craftsmanship of standard luxury watches but don’t come at a high cost.


You’re looking for a watch that will show off your status and help you establish rapport with others, look no further than the luxury watch. Luxury watches are available in many brands like Omega and Rolex, and often make a great investment. They’re high quality craftsmanship combined with the variety of types of styles makes them something worthwhile for any discerning gentleman. High durability, high quality, and exceptional design makes them look great on your wrist. They’re so comfortable to wear but you won’t feel like taking them off very often. A good luxury watch will also tell time accurately so you don’t need to keep checking your phone or other device. Fine men’s luxury watches help you ensure the time is right and can spark confidence as you make your way through the world.


Chronographs are a unique type of luxury watch. They have a built-in stopwatch and are essential for timing any exercise or sport activity you might be involved in. It’s often a bit more of a luxury item with the way it’s designed and worn. It’s popular among outdoorsy people and can be a great addition to any watch collection. Getting a luxury chronograph goes the extra mile to create a functional and attractive designer watch suitable for any occasion.


If you glance around your local supermarket or mall, you might notice that there’s a shocking number of smart watches being warned today. SmartWatches are cool, sure, but they lack a certain elegance and luxurious quality you can only find in a luxury watch. Although a smartwatch can tell you your heart rate, steps you’ve taken in the day, and myriad other functions, they’re kind of pricey for what they are. A typical smartwatch is several hundred dollars and has built-in obsolescence. It will fail at some point. Moreover, you have to charge the thing every so often, which can be quite inconvenient. Contrast that with the maintenance and care for a luxury watch. A luxury watch only requires maintenance every six months to a year or so. It’s mechanical and everything can be easily fixed. Smart watches are digital and might require repair or replacement depending on how they’re designed. The choice of whether to get a smartwatch or a standard mechanical luxury watch is ultimately up to you, but sometimes going analog can be a little bit better in the long term.


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