Stage11 Debuts A Glimpse At Their First Music Metaverse Experience Featuring David Guetta

Stage11 Debuts A Glimpse At Their First Music Metaverse Experience Featuring David Guetta

Stage11, the Paris-based technology startup reimagining music for the metaverse released today a sneak peek of its first music metaverse experience featuring world-renowned DJ and music producer David Guetta.

Revealed at VivaTech in Paris and MET AMS in Amsterdam, the David Guetta Experience which will release in 2023 is a Music Metaverse Adventure where players join David Guetta on a mission to save the future of music—in every possible universe.

David Guetta

A high-definition 3D avatar of David will lead players on the quest, taking an epic sci-fi journey where you will battle alongside his musical friends including Snoop Dogg, Akon and Ne-Yo. The adventure will be soundtracked by a unique DJ set that David mixed exclusively for this experience.

Stage11’s Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Belolo said, “Working with David Guetta and friends on this journey to re-invent music for the metaverse has been special. Photorealistic, interactive, game-like music events are just around the corner, it’s very exciting. Once in a generation the way we interact with music is revolutionised, there was radio, tv, mp3s, YouTube, and now with Stage11, we get to play a role in the next iteration of music, enhanced and developed for the metaverse. We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on.”

David Guetta said, “Performing in the real world is always such an incredible experience; the music, the stage, the crowds. But to be able to take it to the next level with Stage11 and give my fans the opportunity to join me in the metaverse is literally out of this world. This is the future of music and entertainment, see you there”.

Stage11 launched a raffle to win one of 30,000 unique David Guetta Experience NFT tickets which offers exclusive early access to Stage11’s first music metaverse adventure and can also be accessed through the Stage11 mixed-reality mobile app launching in the fall.

Fans can sign up for the demo and raffle here:


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