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Beyond Boho Brides

Somewhere at the nexus of Star Wars and Woodstock is where you’ll find the latest, one-of-a-kind bridal collection from Sophie Et Voilà. Of course that would be a simplification, as the collection sets out to capture the many facets of women, as well as themselves.

Sofía Arribas and Saioa Goitia -– the duo behind Sophie Et Voilà -– both turn 40 this year. Inspired by the different kinds of women they have been over the years, the Spring 2021 collection embodies their growth as women and brand owners.

Sophie Et Voilà Spring 2021


Each piece in the collection celebrates the true femininity and power that lies within every woman –- elegance and audaciousness, virtuous and sensuous, maternal and nocturnal.

elegance and audaciousness, virtuous and sensuous

Clean, geometrical cuts are paired with floating layers of ethereal silk tulle and fringe. Sleek Mikado slip gowns are adorned with detachable voluminous bows, ruffles and sleeves. Jumpsuits, minis and interchangeable separates offer a seamless transition from day to night.

Sustainably manufactured in Spain, the Spring 2021 collection also introduces select styles made from completely recycled polyester fabrics.

select styles are made from completely recycled polyester fabrics

The contemporary designs and slow fashion philosophy of Sophie Et Voilà deliver a one-of-a-kind collection for the fashion forward and consciously green bride.


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