Social-Work FW22 Collection

Social-Work FW22 Collection

Taking inspiration from my artist friend’s living room, Social-Work’s FW 22 collection is a conversation on self-identity within own space.

My friend’s paintings and artworks within her living room depicted a narrative of who she is. The feeling I took from her space inspired the collection. I wanted to create a space that converses emotions and feelings in a post-pandemic environment.


Photos: Giselle Kenna

Home has become a safe space to store our imagination and realness; we could be sentimental, delightful, excited, or emotional. Then comes a persona, a character in a present space, having a theatrical dialogue with her past, present, and future. The rose element has continued on to be Social-Work’s signature motif throughout the seasons and is still prominent throughout this collection, adding hints of uniqueness to each piece. FW22 explores the silhouette and prints from 70s architecture elements while creating a nostalgic women’s figure that is classic, theatrical yet tasteful.


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