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Stars Come Out for The Royal Gala

Everybody who’s anybody graced this year’s edition of The Royal Gala held at the Palazzo Versace under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi.

The annual event is part of Sheikha Hend’s ongoing advocacy to expose the UAE to international fashion while at the same time promoting UAE fashion to the rest of the world.

Out of hundreds who expressed their desire to join, The Royal Gala team had to narrow it down to a stunning lineup of 10 designers from all over the world — Spain, Italy, India, and Iran, among others.

Sheikha Hend with Italian Designer Antonio Croce
Sheikha Hend with Italian Designer Antonio Croce

The by-invitation-only event was graced by royalties from all over the world, including Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc. Consuls and ambassadors of different countries were also in attendance as well as top fashion influencers and social media personalities. It was such a feast for the eyes that social media coverage of the event was trending even after the days that followed in Snapchat and Instagram. The evening was capped with a sumptuous dinner prepared especially for the gala after which Sheikha Hend went up the stage for a thank you speech to those who participated, to those who attended and to those who supported and continuously supporting the most fashionable event of the year, The Royal Gala.

The by-invitation-only event was graced by royalties from all over the world,

Here’s a recap of the designers who showed their designers at the event.

Marwa Rabah


Born and raised in Lebanon, enchanted by fashion and tailored elegance, Marwa Rabah magnifies femininity, working with fine materials and delicate embroideries of outstanding quality. She builds her fairytale creations using unique designs and precious resources. Her specialty is the fluidity of the dresses that enhance the lady’s figure.

Emmanuel Haute Couture


Emmanuel Haute Couture’s collections are the expression of timeless elegance and sensuality, a signature to which the brand is very loyal. The designer’s obsession for perfection applies to the tiniest details; each garment is the result of dedication and couture craftsmanship. Opulent materials and delicate embellishments are instruments of choice for each creation. Today, the atelier continues to showcase collections known for feminine detailing, elegant silhouette and modern approach to make women look and feel beautiful.

Junne Couture


Junne Couture is for women with an individual and bold taste for fashion, and a taste for unique style. A combination of fusion-wear and glamour, every season Junne creates a blend of extravagance with femininity, ensuring your look is your own style story.

R2 Abayas


The Saudi Arabian designer made some very modern, almost avant-garde twists to her abaya collection.

Cilvana Designs


Designer Supriya Sirha of Cilvana Designs treats every garment as a piece of art. Minute attention has been paid to the fabric chosen, the colours, the styling, the fit and most of all the personality of each piece which makes it become one with you. Her aim while creating a garment is to make everyone look beautiful, without the slightest compromise – ensuring that there is only one point of emphasis in every garment. She defines her design philosophy using three adjectives — clarity, wearability and most of all versatility.

Glamour Hunter


This Spanish design house is the definition of high fashion that mastered the art of creating luxury dresses. Textured, romantic and incredibly unique, the Glamour Hunter collections celebrate the feminine figure in a sophisticated and elegant way.

Pilar del Campo


Spanish design house Pilar del Campo is not only dedicated to her craft of design but to creating in a unique style. Pilar del Campo SS18 collection, entitled “Nouveau,” is designed for the day-to-day of women who look to the future, allowing them to reflect the complexity, style and elegance.

House of Hend


House of Hend is a poetic expression of creativity from Sheikha Hend Al Qassemi. Feminine silhouettes, intricate embroidery and delicate details play the key role in the fashion house, which is a combination of East and West- with a chic, royal flair.

Antonio Croce


A garden immersed in the heart of Mediterranean Italy inspired the Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Sinewy shapes and light fabrics underlined feminine bodies that match the softness of the over jackets and the grit of the leather jackets. “Tropical Garden” and “Spring Flower” are the two prints that represent spring, in which bold colors like pepper and burnt orange blended with the more neutral white, black and medieval blue.

House of Makta


House of Makta’s designs are elegant and timeless. Their style speaks classic chic, with a hand-made custom design which features delicate details that inspire each gown to be beautiful.


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