Rowing Blazers’ Jack Carlson And LeSportsac Collab For Retro-Style Bags

Rowing Blazers’ Jack Carlson And LeSportsac Collab For Retro-Style Bags

Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson and LeSportsac are forming a creative partnership with a new line, Arc En Ciel by LeSportsac.

The new collection is the product of Rowing Blazers’ CEO and creative director Jack Carlson’s vision for a line that embodies LeSportSac’s own energy: “I wanted to create something that, like LeSportSac itself, is elevated, up in the air — but light and practical; rooted in the ‘70s, but timeless and modern; sophisticated and refined, but colorful and playful; something American but with a European name, and a global, cosmopolitan perspective.”

This refresh of a classic brand is made possible in no small part by Jack Carlson. Carlson is a designer, author, archaeologist, and athlete. A three-time member of the United States national rowing team, he’s a World Championships bronze medalist and has also won Henley Royal Regatta and the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Carlson was excited when COO Becker reached out because he said he’s always loved and been fascinated with the LeSportsac label.

The new line is being tabbed as limited, lively, and luxurious. It’s born of optimism, color, and lightness with Carlson leading the vision.

Rowing Blazers is an American clothing brand and design lab for the classics. It’s known for collaborations with like-minded brands big and small; events and parties; a cult following, which includes some of the team’s heroes; and partnerships with artists, athletes, and musicians.

“I learned the nature of just collaboration versus a relationship and bringing another talent and team into the building,” says LeSportsac Chief Operating Officer Thomas Becker. “That’s something we are doing here with Jack Carlson and his team.”

Carlson will oversee the creative side of the long-term partnership and started the line with a collection inspired by unique tennis bag shapes that are available for purchase on LeSportsac’s website.

The fresh look is a throwback to when the brand debuted in 1974. It features more than 30 pieces, from bucket bags, zip totes, shoulder bags, tennis bags, lanyards, and laptop cases with prices from $55 to $315.

This partnership draws from original LeSportsac styles with a dash of Carlson’s appreciation for nostalgia and color. It displays retro colorways or stripes and typeface. The entire collection plays to the designer’s aesthetic obsessions.

“Being playful with color is one of the things I wanted to do. Rowing Blazers never shies away from color, so we dug into some of the archival images and mood boards to come up with a palette that felt very unique,” says Jack Carlson.

Rowing Blazers and LeSportsac created a new TikTok ad for the campaign and it’s already gone viral. The promotion of the retro-style handbags, Arc En Ciel by LeSportsac, was directed by Connor Brashier. Model Charlotte D’Alessio shines in the ’70s retro spot.

LeSportsac is bringing the ’70s back with the social media commercial. TikTokers who weren’t even alive when LeSportsac started have been commenting all over the internet. They love the way the creative team was able to capture life back in the disco era.

One comment read, “I genuinely think this is the best thing I’ve seen on this app.” Another comment said, “I want to live in this ad.” Another questioned the content itself, “Did she put the cereal in her bag!?”

In the ad, D’Alessio is running late in the morning. She absentmindedly pours a big bowl of cereal, then grabs a large white and blue shoulder bag and puts the bowl in it as she darts off. In one shot, featured is an AEC Large Zip Tote with “1974” written on the side in a bold black design prominently placed for maximum advertising exposure. According to LeSportsac, Arc En Ciel by LeSportsac bags feature iconic ripstop nylon styles sporting vibrant colors, premium hardware, and delightful threads of nostalgia.

Brashier was extremely pleased with the content and experience, as he posted on Instagram.

“Was a blast to create this 70s inspired spot fueled by the dynamic color and luminance of the rainbow. Proud of this one and the whole team who helped bring it to life.”


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