Ricostru Fall 2018: Milan Fashion Week

Ricostru Milan Fashion Week FW18

Represented by REP Agency.

The RICOSTRU A/W 2018 Collection revolves around three key elements: “Feminine”, “Wine” and “Stories”.

These elements are abstractly transformed into four intangible progressing emotions: “Shell,” “Dazing,” “Illusion” and “Disappear”.

Ricostru: Milan FW18

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By dramatically blending into RICOSTRU’s design concepts, the emotions are found to be as illusionary, yet realistic, as a movie scene. The four emotional states have permeated the collection via different fashion forms:

“Shell” — the protective shell of “feminine”:

With the signature RICOSTRU minimalist silhouette as the main element, it incorporates anguine patterns and earth-tone leather, enforcing a powerful image of a streamlined shell into the clean-cut suit.

“Dazing” — the gentleness underneath the shell:

With combination of softness and hardness in fabrics, a woman’s faintly discernible curves are traced in “dazing” hues, finely weaving the relationship between a suit, a night gown and lingerie under a protective shell.

“Illusion” — liberated “illusion”:

From contrast on the fabric usage. a pioneering transformational of the apparels’ silhouette; imaginary colors from the tranquil starry night, to incisive, sexy and futuristic images, RICOSTRU fearlessly voices a woman’s inner desires and liberating their dreamy vision.

“Disappear” — Slowly fading shadows:

RICOSTRU infuses mysterious elements into “Jedi-like” capes, while ingeniously integrating reflective materials with shimmering gauzes, fading shadows at darkness like a touch of light and a tinge of smoke.

RICOSTRU A/W 2018 Collection – “I bring you wine for your dreaming story” is the soliloquy of women’s emotions. As a resonator to real life, the emotions are magnified, pounding the contradiction between rationality and sensibility that exists within a women’s consciousness, and the co-existence of romance and extremity which is deep-rooted in RICOSTRU.


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