“Revival” Luxury Spring/summer 2021 Collection by Tran Hung

“Revival” Luxury Spring/summer 2021 Collection by Tran Hung

Represented by Jera Creative Agency.

London Fashion Week invites more and more International Showcases each season. This season is no different as Vietnamese designer, Tran Hung proudly launches “Revival” Spring / Summer 2021 Men and Women Sustainable Luxury collection during the official London Fashion Week via the Designer Digital Platform Hub.

“We are proud to be the only fashion brand in Vietnam working towards developing an ethical and sustainable fashion house. 90% of the raw materials that Tran Hung uses are environmentally friendly material and ethically sourced, silk”, Tran Hung.

Tran Hung

Vietnam has been listed as one of the heaviest countries struck by global environmental waste in the world. Tran Hung is taking formative action to implement the fight against the issue by creating his new collection from fabric waste. Launching at London Fashion Week known as one of the largest fashion cities in the world, brings about a start to changing awareness and behaviour in the Vietnamese fashion industry.

The inspiration behind his collection which was established in 2016, also stems from the powerful inspirational women in his life who are strong independent feminists that empower independence and liberation.

The design is based on natural fabrics and is handcrafted. Organza is Tran Hung’s signature material of choice. This is the reason the brand is so unique and different from other brands in Vietnam.

Tran Hung

Tran Hung is a designer from Vietnam, a country that is very much in its infancy in the fashion industry. Tran Hung is amongst the well- established brands in the high-end luxury fashion market, captivating his audience with his sophisticated designs by pushing the envelope of design. Sewing production is almost exclusively done by hand. The manual technique has reached an advanced level that minimises the use of machines. Some designs are made from excess fabric which limits fabric waste to the environment.

Jera Creative Agency

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