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Reem Acra Thankyou Collection

Thankyou Collection

Marriage is, quite possibly, the most spiritual act of our all-too-short, earthly lives. It’s the declaration of a union between souls. So it’s ironic that the spiritual element is often forgotten in the external beauty and magic of the season.

What better way to bring back the spiritual dimension than by holding a bridal presentation in St. Bartholomew’s Church, as Reem Acra did for her stunningly gorgeous “Thankyou” collection?

The collection focused on inclusiveness and diversity, and featured beautiful, traditionally inspired but strikingly fresh menswear looks from Joseph Abboud.

But lest we feared Acra had begun to get too serious, the show featured a Madonna soundtrack that had fun with the religious element, reminding us that spirituality is something we’re free to interpret in our own way.


“Thank you God you have given me more than I deserve. You have given me more than beauty, you have given me the power to make beauty. Thank you.”
– Reem Acra, 1979

As a teenager, Reem Acra wrote this message to God in her Bible. Forty years later, she is reminded of this very quote. This message represents not only her intuition, but the visualization of her own future. Described by those close to her as “floating in another world,” Reem has remained true to her dream.

Reem Acra

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The Collection

The show, titled “The Thankyou Collection,” blended global inspirations — evoking wonder, excitement, and sophistication. Opening with six pink flower girl gowns, the tone is set with the very first dress – “Keep Dreaming.”

Infusing both old and new world elements, the collection blends historical references with modern aesthetics. Reem Acra’s vision is transpired through the incorporation of cultural elements from around the world, highlighting both tradition and modernity. Drawing inspirations from East to West and everywhere in between, the visual impact of the collection brings together a festival of emotions. A focus within the collection are the headbands and accessories, each their own masterpiece. Full looks for a variety of guests, in shades of blush, beige, and navy are highlighted to compliment the bridal gowns. Reem Acra presents an extraordinary selection with exquisite couture details. Uniting people from all backgrounds, she shows the world what is possible. She presents a collection that shows infinite possibilities for Brides in the Reem Acra Universe.

Reem Acra’s Love of Events and Experiences

Reem Acra’s show highlighted her passion for extraordinary events.

When planning a runway show, she creates an unforgettable visual and emotional experience for each and every one of her guests. This season, Reem Acra is continuing her collaboration with legendary event designer Preston Bailey. Bailey has been globally celebrated for his unique abilities to transform ordinary spaces into lush, theatrical environments. Dedicated to supporting his industry, Preston Bailey has initiated a ‘PB Protégé Program.’ This season’s workshop focusing on Reem Acra’s bridal show, has created an elaborate, and unforgettable teaching experience.

Featuring Custom Joseph Abboud Designs, Infused with Reem Acra

Featured throughout the show was a selection of custom tailored pieces designed by Joseph Abboud. Sharing a Lebanese ancestry, both Reem and Joseph have a love for their heritage. Incorporating a palette of ivory and navy, Joseph Abboud’s clothing exemplifies impeccable tailoring and embodies confidence and style.

In exploring new options for Brides and Grooms alike, Acra has stylized each one of his creations with unique features, thus establishing a whole new world for expression.

The Experience is About Inclusion

Reem Acra’s vision is not only about dressing the bride. She designs her collections with a feeling and vision in mind – she sets the INSPIRATION for the industry. As a leader, she influences and creates new styling options for brides and their guests.

Reem Acra challenges the expectations of a wedding, as she presents a new mood and perspective for clients and industry insiders alike. She goes beyond tradition, and in doing so, opens doors and creates new ideas and possibilities. For Reem Acra, the experience of a wedding is about the inclusion of all ideas, aesthetics, beliefs, and identities.


Challenging the traditional musical selection for a wedding, Reem Acra inserted a newness of sound into her show. Leading with Madonna’s Like A Prayer and closing with the incorporation of live singers within the audience from Element Music, she expands upon her dedication to creating emotional experiences for her guests. She wants them to feel truly immersed and engaged in an unforgettable event.

Real Brides

In addition to creating an unparalleled visual and emotional experience, Acra is dedicated to connecting with REAL brides. Expanding her guest list not only to industry insiders but to actual brides, she connects with her clients on a personal level. Showing appreciation for the supporters of the brand, she has extended an invitation through Instagram to a selection of future brides so they can experience her magic.

Historical Landmark

This year’s show took place at Saint Bartholomew’s Church.

St. Bartholomew’s Church is a historic parish founded in January 1835, and located on the East Side of Park Avenue between 50th and 51st Street in New York City. Declared a National Historic Landmark for its significance as an extraordinary example of early 20th-century ecclesiastical architecture, it remains a jewel within its Midtown Manhattan surroundings. The current Church was designed by Betram Goodhue and erected in 1916-17. Some of the church’s grandest features include its Byzantine Revival aesthetic, massive bronze doors, polychrome Hispano-Moresque interior dome, and elaborate stained glass windows designed by Hildreth Meire.

The Power of Giving Back

Tamanna Lebanon is a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Tamanna, meaning “wish” in Arabic, supports children residing in Lebanon and surrounding countries between the ages of 3 and 18 years of age, regardless of their nationality, religion, or socio-economic background. Since its establishment in 2005, Tamanna has granted over 1700 wishes. While committed to spreading joy and hope to these children in need, it ensures that every dollar donated is put towards making their wishes come true.

The six one-of-a-kind flower girl dresses were designed especially for this collection. They will be donated to Tamanna for auction, in an effort to support and increase awareness for this impactful organization.


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