Chris Collie
Chris Collie
Chris Collie, one of the seminal early Editors-in-Chief of FWO, was named one of the "Best Dressed Men" at New York Fashion Week by Esquire.

Razor’s Edge: Karigam Runway, Spring ’16 Show

Karigam New York Fashion Week Spring ’16

lela-rose-main2-nyfwI recently had a speaking engagement at the Gregory Hotel in affiliation with Caravan Stylist Studio to discuss the trends happening on the fashion week runway, and the standout moments of NYFW FW16 (which we’re now referring to as “Spring ’16”).

The first question from the crowd was: “What designer do you feel was a standout this season?” The audience looked a bit surprised when — in lieu of the de rigueur list of mega-name, celebrity-affiliated designers (i.e., the same names that seem to fill every NYFW recap) — I unhesitatingly said, “Karigam!”

The Collection

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I gave everyone the correct spelling of the brand and asked the audience to look up designer Karina Gamez‘s pieces. It was clear which audience members did, because their heads started nodding in agreement.

Audience members’ heads starting nodding in agreement.

At first, the Karigam show seemed like any other at Skylight Clarkson. The runway was a square, where no onlooker had a bad angle. But as the first piece appeared on the runway, I knew that I was witnessing a special collection. It had the perfect balance of cohesion and edge: a collection for the modern woman who wants to stand out.

Gamez creates razor-sharp silhouettes with a skillful mix of fabrics — from furs and leather to cotton and everything in-between — while exploring a wide palette of colors from sharkskin grays to hard blacks, and even skillfully riffing on dark peach-colored fur.

The cuts, pairings, and layering made it clear that we can no longer think of Karina Gamez as a designer on the rise: she is here.

Karina Gamez is no longer a designer on the rise: she is here.


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