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Predictions about Virtual Reality Use in Fashion Shows

Predictions about Virtual Reality Use in Fashion Shows

Virtual reality has come a long way. It is no longer conceptual only. It has been introduced into the market and consumers are more than ready to invest in a headset if it promises to augment their view of reality. The uses of VR headsets are limitless. So far, the headsets are being used for gaming and watching movies using mobile phones and gaming systems. The use of these headsets has been growing into other areas as well. The fashion industry has not been left behind on this trend.

Different Options to Choose From

Different companies have been manufacturing VR headsets. These companies include Microsoft and Google, to mention but a few. You can now choose from: The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR Headset and the Microsoft HoloLens. These are all high quality and pioneer VR headsets.

One of the challenges facing Virtual Reality is motion sickness. While some companies claimed to have eliminated this, the truth is that the challenge will always be there for some people. The solution that most headsets have come up with is simple. They have reduced the lag that occurs between the movement in one’s head and actual movement as depicted through the headset.

VR in Fashion Shows

Fashion shows also plan on moving along with technology. The VR headsets should be put into use soon. Some designers and shows have already incorporated this technology. Some examples include:

· The use of VR in boutiques to see behind the scenes during runway shows
· The use of the headsets to screen makeup tutorials

These headsets will carry out different function sin the future including:

· Watching fashion shows on the headset from the comfort of your home as opposed to being there for the event and buying expensive tickets
· Creating virtual runways so that everyone with a headset is able to virtually attend the show
· Anticipating how some clothes will look on you as a model walks down the runway. This will also allow you to order the item during the show and have it shipped directly to you without having to go through retailers

The advantage of virtual reality in fashion is that it will enable anyone with a headset to have access to these often exclusive fashion shows.

Challenges of Using Headsets for Fashion

These future predictions face major challenges from Fashionistas. Some crave the atmosphere that is present during fashion shows. The assumption is that having a virtual show will rob them of this benefit. They will not be able to feed off the energy during these shows. Designers and fashion show organizers are therefore at an impasse: to get in line with technology or to maintain the traditional way of doing things that people prefer.

Virtual reality has many capabilities. The rest of the world is moving towards this technology, and the fashion industry needs to fall in line as well. It would be interesting to see just how far VR could take fashion shows.


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