Pool or Beach Be Confident in Your Swimwear!

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and we know that realistically, most of us aren’t destined to look like the models on the front of fashion magazines. As much as we know logically that it’s important to be body confident (and that no one is scrutinising us the way we are scrutinising ourselves) it’s still easier said than done.

We all have areas we’d rather not have on display which is absolutely fine, however it can make things a little tricky when you want to head to the beach or pool. Swimwear is always going to be more revealing than your normal clothes, and the thought of stripping down might fill you with dread. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If you go about things the right way, you can feel confident and not have to miss out on the fun because you’re conscious of your body.

Choose the right swimsuit

The first thing to get right is your actual swimsuit. Don’t feel like you need to go for a bikini, particularly if you’re conscious about your stomach. There are so many different types of swimwear these days and plenty of ways you can disguise or cover all areas of your body. Visit here for ideas for modest swimsuits, you could go with a tankini, a bikini skirt, a swim dress- you can even find options that cover the tops of your arms. If you’re bigger chested then something with proper support or even an underwired top is bound to give you more confidence.

Utilise coverups

As well as choosing swimwear that makes you feel great, adding a coverup is another way to boost your confidence. This could be a beach/ pool dress, a sarong or even a beach kaftan. Knowing you have something you can pop on when you get out of the pool or want to take a walk to the beach shop or bar can give you a confidence boost- shop carefully and find a coverup that makes you feel fabulous. Worn with a floppy sun hat, beachy waves and some oversized sunglasses you’ll look like a fashionista- not someone that’s trying to hide themselves!

Get a tan

Finally, if you’re very pale then getting a bit of colour on your skin can make a difference. A tan can make you look slimmer, hide imperfections like cellulite and stretch marks and generally make you feel good. Tan sensibly so ensure you’re using sun protection and not letting yourself burn. Alternatively you could go with fake tan, it will hold up to a day at the pool or beach although you’ll probably need to reapply it after. Using a gradual tanner with pigment and moisturiser is a good bet as you can tackle two jobs at once then.

Try not to worry about what others think of you, and just go and make memories! Style your body in a way that makes you feel as confident as possible and remember, everyone else has similar worries to you about their own bodies.