Piece By Piece Launches Debut Collection

Piece By Piece Launches Debut Collection

NY based lifestyle brand, Piece by Piece are constructing garments that bring awareness of originality in fashion. Also focused on out of the box textiles in up to date silhouettes.

The brand was Founded and designed by Maxxwell Hundley, a Queens native who has gained a huge credibility in streetwear in recent years. Hundleys approach with Piece by Piece is focused on simplistic designs but classic with an edge. “In life, most things don’t come together all at once, they come together piece by piece.”

Piece By Piece

In the most recent drop Piece By Piece Launched their first collection releasing pieces such as Crew necks with the logo embroidered in the middle of the crewneck in three colors as well as two rugby’s which are multi-colored. The first rugby shirt comes with a red and yellow base, cream collar as well as green and red stacked coloring on the back. The second rugby comes in a purple and brown base tone followed by a pink insert which leads to the collar.

The Embroidered crew necks retail for $100 USD while the Rugby polos retail for $130 USD. Available to shop online at https://piecebypiecenyc.com.


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