NUE Hoops

NUE Hoops

NUE Hoops is a family brand; Tory comes from an entrepreneurial family and inherited her creative spirit from her mother Diana Chudley, whose hard work, ingenuity and creativity resulted in her bringing up nine children and setting up a conference centre in the 1960s in rural Northamptonshire.

Growing up in a large family where nothing was considered impossible, it became second nature to look at opportunities in all sorts of unusual places. Tory previously set up the soft leather baby shoe business Daisy Roots, which she ran and owned for 10 years before selling it.

The idea for NUE Hoops came after attending a jewellery making course in East London in 2018. Now finding herself equipped with the skills to make her own earrings, she realised that interchanging charms on hoop earrings was a new idea and began to explore the concept more thoroughly.

The notion grew and the desire to create a playful and empowering brand drove Tory to discuss her idea with her two daughters, Emily and Camilla. In early 2019 after exploration and discussion of the concept, they agreed to join forces and help to make her idea a reality. Equipped with the same entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the family, as well as strong skills in marketing and finance, the girls were inspired to set up the business with their mother.

They all felt a few things about the jewellery industry – it lacked fun and was not hugely sustainable. The demi-luxe end of the market was inhabited with a lot of identikit brands. A select few stood out, but none with a mission to empower the wearer or with a concept that is both sustainable and playful.

The trio took inspiration from their individual life experiences, countries they had visited, people they had met and their own styles. The collection of charms is a celebration of different cultures, people and favourite destinations; an exhibit of creativity that has been curated into a vast range of delicate silver and gold charms. This offering for experimentation lies at the heart of the brand’s inspiration and mission.

In addition to this, each of them incorporates their personal flair into the products. Tory loves bohemian chic as well as following the on-going fashion trends, whilst Emily loves classic and casual, off-duty styles, as well as bold prints and Camilla adores anything glamorous or playful, so their influences are broad-ranging.

With the brand’s charms starting from £12 and a pair of hoops from £35, they honour their ethos of being an accessible brand for all, that is offering a sustainable approach by creating jewellery that can adapt and change to suit you in your day-to-day life.


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