Mashama AW19 Show and Collection

Mashama AW19 Show and Collection


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The MASHAMA FW19 collection is an awakening to women’s self-awareness, their fascinating and intertwined layers and endless desires. Alien creatures shape their identity by observing and imitating female characteristics, experimenting with human emotions. From this unconventional process, they eventually awaken with an independent and self-aware female consciousness, born from self-destruction.

The collection examines and looks at the world from a new perspective. Fuchsia silks, jade Azalea printed knits and leopard print fake fur come together to create a surreal but life-like scene. The fabrics used in some of the outerwear pieces are made from recycled plastic bottles, using the ‘REPREVE’ technology.


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Photos: Gio Staiano for NOWFASHION

This season, the designer continues to explore multiple cuts and asymmetries. Knitted fabrics, scarves and suits are new additions to the collection. In contrasts with the previous season’s oversized silhouettes, shirts and lace evening dresses are tighter on the body, highlighting the elegance and sensuality of the female figure.

The music accompanying the show adds dynamic energy, combining sensory stimulations to create an intimidating yet attractive, awe-inspiring collection. ‘You are lonely because you are unique’ means that for each individual identity that feels incomprehensible, lost in the complex emotions of women, there is an exploration of the self. The so-called wound of the skin, when the human body loses its first layer and we are forced to look deeper, makes us wonder where truth lies beyond the appearance.


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