Originally from a small town, Grace now thankfully resides in New York City. She has assisted stylists in New York and Paris, and has a slight obsession with street style. Find Grace at @gracelcoury or gracecoury.com.


On Tuesday, February 6th, Raul Lopez presented the LUAR Fall/Winter 2018 runway collection at Pier59 Studios in New York City.

Titled Pieces of Me, the collection reflects on the past, destroying notions of femininity in order to move forward towards a future of progressive clarity. Showing a total of 18 looks of both men and womenswear, Lopez explores the purpose of life and the evolution of sentient beings as they progress on their own paths of truth. Along the way, we face immense challenges that shape us and change our perspective of ourselves and the world we inhabit. To move forward in life, we must destroy all preconceived beliefs of who we are and what we think we know, in order to make room for change.



Amongst the chatter of the attendees at the show, a mellow acoustic song arose. The soulful ballad began about an “ugly girl” and ended with someone being physically assaulted for being homosexual. After three interesting, to say the least, verses the song skipped like an old, dusty CD and transformed into a rave-y techno bass-filled, heart pumping, strut worthy beat. This set the stage for the remainder of the show.

Relaxed tailoring with wrap waist details draped loosely on models adorned with massive Cartier-style earrings. A stilted model walked above the crowd to everyone could get a glimpse of the parallel seams down the back of the coat.

Raul’s show met at the convergence of femininity and masculinity. Each look demonstrated his eye for tailoring with details to make it thought-provoking, encouraged by the provocative music with a BPM at a borderline uncomfortable level.

The invitation provided a good indication that the show would center around breaking barriers and destroying stereotypes. A background of glass shattering was indicative of the theme of the entire epicene collection. Raul’s collection was a modern and cohesive nod to the future of fashion where the gender label is blurred.


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