Lou Dallas F/W 2019 Runway Show At The Park

Represented by Gia Kuan.

On Tuesday, February 12th, LOU DALLAS presented its Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, Unlimited Night, in a runway collection at The Park in New York City.

Lou Dallas wakes up to find herself on horseback in the thick of a parade. Where are we going? She wants to ask her fellow travelers but they are humming and don’t seem to see her. Their ceremonial repetitions get wilder; their motions more hypnotizing. Lou relaxes her gaze to drink it all in only to lose her balance and find herself in the muddied hand of the tropical floor. Splayed up her clothes like fireworks, the dirt looks like blood but in the distance she sees help: a squad of nurses headed her way in their candied stripes. Are you here to help me? She inquires. When they don’t answer she wonders if these are the same sirens as before.

Lou Dallas F/W 2019 Runway Show At The Park

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Photos: Mitchell Sams


In 2013, Lou Dallas woke up on a Rhode Island beach covered in glowing moonstones. After stuffing her bags, she followed the moon’s path to New York. Since then, she has continued her lawless pursuit of treasure and delight through space, time, and the realms of the fantastic, ripping through dimensions and dragging the trains of her many mantles behind her.


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