Living Luxe: Stay Stylish on a Budget

Living Luxe_ Stay Stylish on a Budget

The cost of living is increasing, and prices for everything are going up: and that includes the cost of beauty and fashion. And for those of us who strive to stay on trend and look stylish this can be a huge problem when you don’t have an unlimited budget to work with.

Thankfully there are ways you can look incredible and get a high-end look without spending an insane amount of money. Here are three ways to go about it.

Find the right fragrance

Finding the right fragrance is important, the scents you choose to wear are such a big part of your identity. You know the types of people who seem to really ‘have it together’ with their overall look and lives? Chances are you notice how good they always smell. Finding the right fragrances can be a time-consuming process, you need to work out what fits your preferences, personality and vibe best. You’ll need to test perfumes over time to see what the staying power is like and how they wear on your skin. But you dont need to spend a huge amount of money on designer fragrances, since there are some fantastic perfume brands out there these days offering a very similar thing. Take this Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt dupe for example, inspired by the real perfume it uses the same kinds of notes so you can smell expensive without breaking the bank. Take some time to try out different samples in perfume shops, work out which fragrance family you like best- it could be florals, fruity scents, gourmand scents (based on foods such as vanilla and cinnamon) or fresh scents.

Mix and match high end and highstreet

The best way to get a high-end look without paying a huge amount of money is to mix and match your items carefully. This means choosing some pieces from the Highstreet and utilising what you already own, and pairing them with higher end, designer pieces. Certain items are worth the investment, a high-end leather jacket for example will last for decades if it’s looked after properly and if you choose well will never go out of style. This can be worn in many different ways for a whole range of outfits. Some accessories such as belts, sunglasses and bags are also worth buying high end and add a touch of luxe to any outfit. Then you can buy cheaper staple clothing from dresses to skirts, jeans and shorts each season to keep your looks fresh and current without spending a fortune. Put the expensive and less expensive pieces together in the right way and you’ll look super chic and no one will be able to tell you were being conscious about your budget.

Find bargains

Designer items cost a lot of money new, but on the used market you can often find fantastic pieces for a fraction of when they would have originally cost. Because designer brands tend to use the best materials, these pieces last well and do well on the second hand market. This means there are lots of bargains to be had, keep an eye out for pieces in thrift stores and apps like Vinted and Depop. This allows you to add luxe items to your wardrobe for less, the perfect way to get a high end look on a budget.


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