Lelloue Resort 2020 Show at the Faena Miami Beach

Lelloue Resort 2020 Show at the Faena Miami Beach

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Hit the deck this resort season in bold Egyptian geometric shapes. Hot fuchsia, jade green and lilacs bring the dynamic silhouettes of vintage-inspired two-piece swim, sport-back swimsuits and chic flowing kaftans fit for you to rule in.

In contrast, work the mono dash monochrome prints in silk satin. When boarding the jet, wear elegant bandeaux bikinis and jumpsuits for on-the-go looks. Dive into black and white whenever you need to cool off.

Everything is made to coordinate.


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Photos: Steve Shaw and Tolga Kavut

Finally make headway in the sea green chiffon gowns and single-color separates to slip over your swimwear.

As Lelloue is here to take you from Boat to Beach to Bar.


Styling: Amy Molyneaux
Hair: Richy Kandasamy for RIKOKO
Make Up: Valunthinee Phuong for Bellelite
Casting: Shelley Durkan at Bryant Artists
Music: Wade Cresent
Eyewear: Linda Farrow
Jewelry: John Brevard
Photography: Steve Shaw and Tolga Kavut
Production & Creative: Jennifer Pear for Jennifer Ashley Productions

About Lelloue

Lelloue was launched in the summer of 2017 by Owner & Managing Director Helen Johnson and Creative Director, Amy Molyneaux. Helen wanted to build a brand that would make things easier for women like her who are always travelling but want to remain stylish no matter what the occasion. The aim was to create a one-stop vacation ship full of effortless and elegant destination-wear. Amy has worked hard to develop a unique design for women like Helen; with a touch of 90’s elegance and an avant-garde approach, the world of Lelloue has co-ordinating pieces to cover all occasions, from bikinis to lavish gowns.

Lelloue is available to buy at Selfridges, Faena Bazaar in Miami, Fred Segal in LA, Four Seasons Hotels throughout the USA and on the Lelloue website.


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