Johny Dar Delivers a Sensational Experience at London Fashion Week

Johny Dar delivers a sensational experience at London Fashion Week

Sensoria by Johny Dar’ at Aures-London was Dar’s most unexpected and enthralling London Fashion Week event yet.

Known for his unpredictable moments and extra-ordinary ventures, artist, designer, musician and director Johny Dar pioneers original artistic expressions and experiences through a plethora of mediums. His London Fashion Week event at Aures-London showcased not only a dazzling new collection, but also his ‘Dardelica’ music – an unusual yet catchy fusion of organic and electronic sound featuring his own original language (he has actually invented one), Johny Dar art-couture (bespoke designs painted onto the body), and live 3D motion graphics.

Johny Dar

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Held in the renowned ‘Banksy’ Tunnel, Leake Street, where graffiti was recently legitimised, the event fittingly took place where both notorious and unheard of artists collectively won the day in the name of art. A celebration of creativity and innovation, Dar’s event aimed to explore themes of art as life and life as art – choices that sculpt reality and experiences that awaken new possibilities. Aligned with the brand’s ethos to empower and elevate its global audience, the dynamic presentation was designed to inspire guests to become the conscious designers of their own lives and lifestyles, by re-imagining the potential of their own creativity and power to choose.

Incorporating both catwalk and presentation styles, Johny Dar’s models emerged like captivating amazonian goddesses from another galaxy, with gathered hair rising above winged eyes like unicorn horns. Casually smoking aromatherapy vaporisers as they posed, their looks were a dynamic combination of military jackets with silk skirts, and couture dresses embroidered, painted and embellished by hand.The ceiling was awash with Johny Dar’s illustrations and designs, creating a sense of another world and electrifying the room with splashes of colour and the infamous ‘DAR the BOOK’ art series, which celebrates the (naked) female form. Jaegermeister cocktails abounded, creatively named to add to the sensuality of the experience. An adjoining room offered an unexpected chai tea bar and steaming aromatherapy installation, as well as comfortable wood and bamboo seating, and virgin cocktails. It was both a scintillating and nurturing environment to relax in, while the dance floor rocked to Dar’s mystical chant and the tantalisingly different Dardelica set, played by producer Dan Vinci.

Johny Dar’s creative work is known for being at the vanguard of artistic innovation today, and has been hailed as a new renaissance in the making, attracting international acclaim across a wide range of industries and media. ‘Sensoria’ made it easy to see why. The atmosphere that built had a tangible freshness tempered with a relish for the unpredictable and unusual – evoked not only by the presence of Dar himself (not always a guarantee at his events) and his new collection, but also by the curated array of experiences being offered, all designed to nurture wellbeing, reinvigorate the senses, and inspire the soul.

Johny Dar is apparently a man who never stops. In recent years his creations have been featured at London’s Saatchi Gallery, on the catwalks of New York and Berlin, and at the MOCA in Beijing. A renaissance man and polymath, Dar has also completed his first novel, which is already tipped to be a Hollywood blockbuster sensation. is A unique talent working across multiple sectors of the entertainment industry, Dar is one of the most diverse artists in the world. His latest event was a welcome immersion into a creative cornucopia, abundant in unexpected fashionable and artistic and musical delights. A vibrant sensory experience and intriguing insight into the mind and art of Johny Dar, ‘Sensoria’ was an unforgettable evening and inspiring sensation in visionary creativity.

About Johny Dar

Johny Dar is an artist, designer, musician and director pioneering original forms of artistic expression through fine art, fashion, music and multimedia. His groundbreaking work has been hailed as a new renaissance, attracting international acclaim across a wide range of industries and media. All Dar’s artworks are inspired by organic intelligence and pioneer an original aesthetic, as well as trailblazing geometric and mathematical properties. It is this unique style of expression and his unwavering passion for originality, that form the bedrock of all Dar’s creations. He founded the Johny Dar brand as a true lifestyle brand, offering a global audience original artistic experiences and products across a wide range of mediums, including fine art, fashion, music, photography, body art, multimedia and publishing.

About Aures London

Aures London is an exciting new event space under Waterloo Station set within a beautifully restored 2,000ft2 exposed brick arch on legendary graffiti site Leake Street aka ‘Banksy Tunnel’. A heady mix of urban graffiti culture with futuristic immersive technology, Aures goes beyond the conventional event space experience using dynamic, immersive technology and programming to connect artist or brand’s ideas to their audience. The venue offers a specialist sound system and cutting edge technologies brought together by leading developers, designers and pioneering artists to create next-level experiences.


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