Interview with Poema Swim: Mother-Daughter Design Duo

Poema – Mother Daughter Design Duo Interview Opportunity

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POEMÄ, a mother-daughter brand based in South Florida, was founded in 2015 by Pamela Mendeita and Morea Arbulu. All pieces are handmade locally with the softest quality fabric from Italy & Spain.

The fashion-forward beach-chic brand is inspired by different beaches and cultures around the world, and designed for classy-cool babes who want to stand out and feel good.

Poema’s creations are known for their comfortable and flattering fit, as well as the softness of their fabric. Many of their styles are crossover pieces, allowing their babes to go straight from the beach to lunch to a night out with friends just by throwing on a pair of jeans and heels.

Poema’s creations are known for their comfortable and flattering fit


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Interview with Pamela Mendeita

Q: What made you decide you wanted to create a swimwear line?

I grew up on the beach, and have always been obsessed with how a swimsuit is supposed to fit. I could never find a style that actually fits well; they were either too big in the butt or baggy, so I really never found a style that fit the way I wanted, I always had to ask someone who was coming from South America to buy me one, or I actually made my own.

Q: What is the meaning behind the name POEMA Swim?

Poema is the name of a rare pearl found in the deep oceans in Tahiti. I just loved the meaning of it. For me the pearl symbolizes purity, integrity, femininity, just like a woman. In Asian cultures a pearl represents the journey of the soul or spirit along the path to perfection, and for me every woman is beautiful just like a pearl.

the pearl symbolizes purity, integrity, femininity

Q: Do you have a background in designing, sewing, or similar?

Yes, I grew up in that environment. My Dad’s sister has a sewing factory in South America, and as long as I can remember I used to go to her studio, and work there counting and organizing buttons, zippers etc.

I also used to take trash bags full of all the swatches I found on the floor, so when I got home I sewed for my Barbies. When I grew older I went to fashion school and worked drafting patterns at a small fashion house. After that I had my own children’s wear line for many years. I’ve worn many hats in the fashion industry, and I still am, and with the same passion as always.

when I got home I sewed for my Barbies

Q: Describe the process of how you started designing.

Starting a collection is the hardest part, because you have thousands of ideas that at the end all have to blend together.

I always try to be inspired by something; it could be a place that I’ve visited. It could be a moment, an event, a piece of fabric etc., so I research trends. (That’s the interesting and fun part!) I ask myself, what is my market looking for, what are they feeling, what’s going on in the world etc.?

I research trends. (That’s the interesting and fun part!)

And I put it all together and start creating styles and silhouettes and choosing the colors for the season. Then I create the patterns, and first samples to try them on different types of bodies to see how every style fits.

Sometimes for just one bottom we take many days to come with the final piece. This process is also a team job. I like when everyone from our team has an opinion, in the fit, color, style etc. It’s fun!!

Q: How would you describe your style, and how easy or hard was it for you to merge the two when it comes to your personal style and swimwear?

When it comes to my personal style my priority is a flattering and feeling comfortable in what you are wearing.

I also love to add accents that give you that touch of elegance. So actually it has not been hard to combine both. I believe that my experience of what feeling comfortable in a swimsuit is has allowed me to design swimwear that makes you feel good.

Q: What would you say motivates you daily when it comes to the fashion industry?

I love what I do, and try to always do it with passion. The fashion industry is definitely a tough and competitive field, but it’s also very rewarding and exciting. What motivates me is the everyday challenge.

Q: What should we look for next with POEMA?

We just opened our first brick and mortar in Fort Lauderdale so that has been very rewarding for us, to listen what our customers want and what they are looking for. It’s a great inspiration to innovate new styles.

We are extending our resort wear collection and it would be fun to design sandals down the road.


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