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Katie Ann McGuigan London Fashion Week SS18

Rising star Katie Ann McGuigan proved yet again that she is a fashion force to be reckoned with.

Only 24 years old — and already with several awards upon her talented sleeve — McGuigan blew the LFW-crowd away with her clever choice of contrasting fabrics, bold graphics, and ravishing, layered silhouettes that have become her true trademark.

Katie Ann McGuigan: London Fashion Week SS18


Q: How did your inspiration differ from your other high-end, ready-to-wear collections?

I looked at a photographer Perry Ogden and his book Pony Kids, and he shot lots of travelling boys and girls with their horses from Dublin. I’m from Ireland, so he’s a photographer I looked at for many years, but never used him in my research before.

I looked at a photographer Perry Ogden and his book Pony Kids

So this felt like the right point to use for my research. I look at art, architecture, and graphic designers for print ideas and then make it all my own, just distort everything.

Q: You are such a young and already successful designer, how does it feel to be in today’s fashion world?

A little bit challenging for sure. I’m 24. But it is all worth it in the end.

Q: How is your decision-making going in combining all these different textures and fabrics?

I kind of just go for it. Time is always so tight between the collections, so when it comes to designing I just kind of throw everything in, and then maybe pull something back.

I use a lot of leather, I obviously love print, and if I work with bright colors and prints I’m always going to be happy in the studio.

Q: For your next collection, do you think you will again look to a photographer for inspiration, or go in a different direction?

I’ll probably look at something or someone else, but I always get stimulated by someone who loves and works hard at his or her craft.

I always get stimulated by someone who loves their craft

Q: Which aspects of Perry Ogden and his work have you implemented in this collection?

I think it was the people in it, because they were Irish travellers and I can relate, because I’m from Ireland.

Just having something like average clothes and kind of slouchy sweaters, was something that intrigued me, and their child youth really triggered me to use a lot of vivid colors.


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