Melanie Sutrathada
Melanie Sutrathada
FWO’s Brand Manager Melanie Sutrathada believes in eating dessert first, always looking for the silver lining, and that you can never be overdressed or overeducated. Say hello at @melaniesutra.

Interview with Blogger Melanie Martins at NEXT Artists Beauty Lounge

Story with Carlos Martinez

Q: Hey guys this is Melanie Sutrathada from Fashion Week Online with the beautiful Melanie Martins. She is a fantastic model with more than over 640,000 followers on Instagram alone, and she is just the sweetest soul in here. She’s in New York City and she’s been traveling and I want to know — you’ve been at Mykonos and a bunch of other countries.

Venice, Paris … I mean, just in Greece I’ve been to like 5 or 6 places.

Q: Oh my gosh, that sounds like a dream!

From Athens, Mykonos, north to south: I’ve been to places I never even dreamed about. I never even knew them; I just saw them when I arrived. Like castles one thousand, two thousand years old. It was a unique experience.

And then we just took a trip directly to Venice for like two days, to the Vanity Fair events. And then the next day we slept in the airport of Milano, in the Sheraton, in terminal 1 which is exactly the same as terminal of Delta, to take a trip to New York Fashion Week.

Then we were in Venice for the Vanity Fair events. It’s been nonstop.

It was nonstop. I arrived at 5 o’clock, I’ve already missed two shows. People were calling me, “How are you, what are you doing?” I’m just like, “I’m at the bus stop, I’m arriving.” It was all drama.

Q: I have to ask, what are your number one tips for traveling and beauty-on-the-go? How do you maintain it?

Oh my gosh. Two things. First, let’s start with the very basics. Sleeping. Try to sleep at least 8 hours: I think it’s like the golden rule. I had a flight at 10:30, so what I did, I actually booked a night at the Sheraton hotel inside the airport to have my 8 hours. I arrived at midnight, and I got like 7 or 8 hours. It was my number one tip. A lot of people think, “Yeah, yeah, I’m going to sleep 2 hours here, and then I’m going take another 10 hours.” That’s not how it works. It’s not 2 here and 10 there. It’s always 7 or 8 hours. That’s number one.

8 hours of sleep. That’s #1.

Second, water. 2 liters — I’m not sure of the conversion, but 2 liters at least per day, all the time. And when you’re traveling, try to remove your makeup,

Q: Yes, that’s like the best — you never want to be in an airplane with tons of makeup on, it’s awful.

Take it off. I know a lot of people are like, “Oh my gosh, I don’t want to take off my makeup. But you’re in a plane, relax. There are no fashion photographers around the corner. No worries. You really have to have healthy skin.

Q: Absolutely.

Then I think if you can complement with an antioxidant, like green tea. I love green tea. And you can find green tea anywhere. Even in your trip, on your plane, they always have green tea.

So instead of coffee, go with green tea; it’s rich in calcium and I think it’s really like one of the basics that works always.

Instead of coffee, go with green tea.

Q: So she said it. Just a little recap, always have 7 to 8 hours of sleep, at least 2 liters of water and definitely opt for the green tea when possible.

Green tea guys, always. No coffee, no soda, no: green tea. It tastes amazing, it doesn’t have calories, and is an anti-oxidant for your skin and even helps you lose weight. It’s amazing! So it has like everything, you know?

And the price is the same, and it has water in it!

Q: You’re getting all that hydration, that great stuff, so that your skin’s going to be glowing as soon as you get off the plane. These are amazing tips.

These are the essentials. Having a good moisturizer, being good to your skin. It depends on a lot of brands, you know. Some people like brands that are more natural, while others prefer more pharmaceutical things, and it comes down to style. I go for natural products.

Q: Absolutely. One of my favorite things that I love, nice organic coconut oil, and I use that as moisturizer, so great. And it’s so inexpensive as well.

And you can even eat it. It’s basically a food, it’s amazing. Like when you can eat it, that means it’s good.

When you can eat it, that means it’s good.

Q: Absolutely. Anything you can put in your body and also put on your body, like that’s a good place to be.


Q: Do you have any favorite beauty trends that are happening for this season that you think Fashion Week Online and FTL Moda just needs to hop on?

I’m a French person, so I will go for everything that is not too much. I’m not somebody who wears a lot of make-up on, with the contours and everything. I’m not really into it. Less is more, like Coco Chanel.

So for me I think a “natural look” is going to be the best and trendiest thing. I even saw it in the Tommy Hilfiger show; you saw how they were so effortless, beautiful, and natural. Beautiful and natural styles. That is for me “the top.”

Beautiful and natural styles. That is for me “the top.”

Q: It’s this idea that beauty doesn’t have to be tons of fake eyelashes and lip-liner for days; it’s really about enhancing what you already have. You’re making the most of the beauty that you already have. So in maybe three words, what would you describe as what beauty means to you?

1) Authenticity. 2) Taking what’s inside, outside. And what’s the third? This is getting really tricky. I’d say it’s only one, authenticity.

Authenticity, because the person that is someone else is taken! So take yourself, your inside, and take it out, and try really to highlight the best of you. That is beauty. Beauty is taking the highlight of your personality that you can’t see from the outside.

Beauty is taking the highlight of your personality that you can’t see from the outside.

I want to be walking and see the person that is somebody, you know. This is true beauty. If you’re not beautiful on the inside, the outside is nothing.

If you’re not beautiful on the inside, the outside is nothing.

Q: Thank you so much Melanie. I think your definition of beauty is actually just so beautiful in itself. And we’re so excited about having the opportunity to have you here. You’re so sweet, beautiful inside and out. Thank you so much.

Thank you guys.


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