If You’re Looking for a Soulmate Who Looks Good and Shares Your Sense of Fashion, Here’s How to Find Them

In the dating game, knowing exactly what you want and what you’re looking for is key to maximizing your chances of finding your soulmate and making the path to love as smooth as possible! And while, of course, it’s vital to find a romantic partner who shares your values and with whom, personality-wise, you’re compatible, for the majority of people, it’s also important that their date looks good and is fashion fabulous.

But how to find your perfect, fashion-conscious partner? Here’s everything you need to know, from ensuring your online dating profile reflects your style credentials to thinking about offline opportunities to find someone who ticks all the right boxes!

Make Your Online Dating Profile Work for You

Most people now look – and find! – love via online dating apps and platforms. If your ideal other half looks as good on the outside as they do on the inside, then think carefully about this when writing your dating profile.

While staying open-minded is always a good idea, there’s nothing wrong with wanting your perfect match to share your fashion sense, so be sure to include this! Being clear about the type of person you’re looking for can help save the hassle of a tonne of unsuitable matches.

Many dating apps allow you to apply a number of filters to better indicate your preferences – have a look at this OurTime review to get an idea of how these work and the benefits of the daily matching service, which automatically suggests possible matches based on the preferences you’ve stipulated.

Showcase Your Style

If you want to date a fashion-forward type, then it’s important to showcase your own fabulous sense of style on your online dating profile, too! Be sure to include lots of photos that give an authentic sense of your aesthetic credentials.

Wear clothes and accessories in these shots that truly reflect your fashion sense, and express your personality, so that potential matches can see exactly what you’re about when it comes to style. Resist filters, though! Blatantly filtered shots are one of the quickest ways to put off a potentially great match, so opt, instead, to show yourself in all your unfiltered, natural glory!

Swipe Mindfully

As part of finding your good-looking perfect date, think carefully when swiping: it’s crucial to look beyond the main profile pic to get more of a picture of just how suitable this person could be as a partner. Take a close look both at all the images and read their bio carefully.

It may be tempting to ‘over-swipe’ out of anxiety regarding not being able to find your soulmate. However, it will likely serve you much better to swipe with care and only on those profiles that you genuinely feel could be a good match for you.

And if you make a match with someone who seems a great fit? Then be ready with an attention-grabbing message to catch their attention and stand out from the crowd. Read their bio again, and ask them a question relating to one of the interests they list, for example, or their career – people tend to love the opportunity to talk about themselves!

Make the Most of Offline Opportunities, Too!

And don’t forget that there are plenty of opportunities to find your dream significant other in the ‘real’ world too – and the advantage of this approach is that you’ll be able to assess their fashion credentials without making a move or committing to a date!

The friendship circle of friends is often a great place to search, so getting social and taking up friends’ invites to head out on the town, to a dinner party, or to drinks at the local bar could be a great way to meet some potentially interesting new people. Clubs and activities are also good places to find a like-minded other!

Think About the Partnership, Not Just the Person

So you’re looking for your soulmate, not something casual. To this end, the best advice is to think about what a happy day-to-day relationship looks like to you – not just the exciting, falling-in-love part, but what comes after this.

While physical attractiveness is important, and a shared fashion sense is what you’re looking for, don’t forget to factor in the personality traits, values, and interests that are likely to lead to a contented, stable relationship in which you feel content, secure, and empowered.

It’s a great idea to write these things down – elements such as kindness, tolerance, and a great sense of humor are key to long-lasting happiness in relationships.

Get in the Right Head Space

Lastly – and however counter-intuitive this might sound – you’ll have the best chance of dating success if you’re happy with yourself and have the mindset that you’d rather be single than in a relationship in which you’re dissatisfied or with the wrong person.

Spend plenty of time self-nurturing as part of your dating journey, and be sure not to let the search for love take over. Loving yourself is one of the most important steps in attracting your perfect, gorgeous, and fashion-conscious partner!


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