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Humans of Fashion Foundation Launches App to Stop Sexual Harrassment

When Actions Speak Louder Than Words

The beauties and brains behind the Humans of Fashion Foundation, Antoniette Costa and Kristina Romanova, are making moves post-#MeToo movement.

Antoniette, a lawyer and Kristina, a model, have teamed up to create an app that will help individuals who so desperately need it. The Foundation understands that not just models, but stylists, photographers, interns, editors, and even executives, face discrimination, harassment, and assault everyday in the fashion and beauty industry.

Due to certain stigmas associated with speaking up, certain laws (that are slowly being overturned), and downright fear of being blackmailed in a professional capacity, many of these individuals feel they have no recourse when troubling situations arise during work.

Moreover, there are individuals who are unaware of just what constitutes illegal or unacceptable behavior at work, and have no unbiased third-party to turn to for clarification or advice.

A void that the entire world has shed light on in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, these women developed an app that seeks to address and remedy these problems. The app works like this: an individual who wishes to speak to someone regarding harassment or other issues can enter an alias name as well as whether they are seeking a therapist, a lawyer, or other professional.

the app seeks to address and remedy these problems

The individual will have to answer certain questions on the app related to their specific situation(s), including date of incident, a description of the event, and other confidential information. As such, the app will be subject to, and will follow, all current data privacy rules and regulations. With this information, the app should be able to vet an individual’s request and pair them with a professional apt to help them. Once that pairing occurs, however, the relationship remains off the app.

The app is a step toward making actual change in a whirlwind of talks to make change. Hopefully, once launched, the app will provide the source of help that many individuals in this industry need and have been asking for.

If interested in volunteering or helping out in any way, contact the Foundation at


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