How to Write About Fashion History

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How to Write About Fashion History

From the first human to appear on earth, clothing and fashion began to evolve.

Every phase of humanity’s evolution saw an evolution of clothing style, from animal skin to fabric. Fashion trends would take longer to change about a millennium ago because technology was limited.

Beginning the last century, fashion evolved fast due to advanced technology, and today, each year opens doors to new fashion trends. A student who wants to write about the history of fashion must research the fashion timeline and discuss the notable theme in some of the fashions that brought a total revolution.

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Studying specific periods in the history of fashion

You cannot write about the history of fashion unless you spend time studying its history and origins. You may decide to limit yourself to a certain timeframe and study the fashion trends of that period deeply. Think of some period like 3500 BC – 1000 BC, then fast forward to another period like 1500 AD, 1800 AD, and then to the current.

If you study the history between these specified periods, you will elaborate on what trends were there during that period and discuss issues like how fashion at that time affected fashion in the next period of study.

Limiting yourself to a specific period is one of the ways of ensuring plagiarism-free work because you are working on a specific period of interest instead of writing on anything you come across during your research.

Narrow down to a specific fashion topic

The fashion industry is too wide and its history too deep to be covered in a single essay. If you have a lot of topics to research and condense into a 1,000-word summary, you will become overwhelmed and the assignment might become impossibility.

The best option is to narrow down to a specific topic and then do thorough research on the topic and your content will make sense. Look at a topic like ancient societies and the role of clothing, women leadership and their influence on fashion, and so on. What you will be doing is dealing with a small subfield of fashion from the wide fashion field.

It is essential to research every key area and take note of every key point in the specific research area if you want to write unique papers for a college. Regardless of whether you are writing an essay, research paper, or doing a case study, you cannot escape the importance of deep and thorough research. When I want to redeem research time and get a more professional paper, I use paper writing service to complete my essay and EssayOnTime is the best for all academic work. Use them anytime you need quality, want to save time, and get higher grades.

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Research renown, influential people in specific eras

Fashion today is majorly influenced by major political figures, artists, actors, and key people in the fashion industry. In the same way, fashion in historical times was influenced by key political leaders, revolutionists, doctors, and merchant travelers.

Research about the key people in a certain era and study the kind of clothes they were wearing and reasons why they wore such clothes. Some women’s fashions in the mid-1500 AD were influenced by Catholic priests because they wore beautiful flowing robes during church services.

You should study things like the color of fabric won by major revolutionists, the material type – cotton, linen, silk, wool, and the design. For example, in the early days of US independence, women revolutionists rose and begun pushing for equality and inclusion in American politics. The women at the forefront of the revolution had their signature dresses that were lighter and shorter.

Because of the activities of the women revolutionists and their signature dress, soon every woman began putting off the heavy dresses that were difficult to put on and went for the lighter and shorter dresses.

Research about culture and its evolution

Culture plays an important role in the development of fashion and one culture can influence another culture to change its fashion. If you take, for example, the various continents in the world, you will notice unique fashion trends in each continent and culture is important in these trends.

As culture advances due to technology and external influence, fashion advances too from one generation to the next. When writing about the history of fashion, the study of culture and fashion will be very important. For each cultural period, look at the kind of fashion that comes out as the most unique.

Look at fashion for weddings, initiation ceremonies, sport, religious ceremonies, cultural dances, fashion for kings, queens, eunuchs, and so on. What was fashionable then can have a big impact on what is fashionable today.


Fashion and fashion trends have dominated the world of fabric and design for many years. In the years past, fashion was not changing often due to limitations in technology but today, technology plays an important role in shaping fashion trends. There are many key areas a student can research when writing about fashion history but it’s important to note the key points in each fashion evolution to make your paper look unique.

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