How To Tailor Your Fit To Your Body Type

As years go by more and more people are realising that it’s no secret that fashion can be isolating and old-fashioned. With so much focus on appearance and physicality, it’s easy for people with body image concerns to feel self-conscious about their outfits or appearance.

More and more companies are now beginning to diversify their product lines in order to cater to a wider demographic of customers. This means that whether you’re plus-sized or petite, tall or short there are more ways than ever to find clothing that works for your unique style. Although there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in making fashion trends and clothing stores more accessible, it is undeniable that the current climate is more open to different looks and styles than ever before.

Explore how to find the best vintage tailor for your unique body type with tailored fashion tips. This guide helps you choose clothing that flatters your shape, whether you’re petite, tall, plus-sized, or anywhere in between. Discover key pieces that suit your style and body type, and learn how to make each outfit look and feel perfect, ensuring you dress with confidence and individuality every day​.

In order to look good the main thing you need to do is ignore the pressures of the world around you and find clothing that fits the way you want to look and fits the way you wish to feel. Knowing how to find clothing that fits your different body type will help to make your clothes shopping experience so much easier, allowing you to shop confidently and find outfits that work with your individual taste and attitude. Take some time to evaluate your body type in order to get the most out of your current and future wardrobe. When you have decided on your body type between the five main options, whether it be closer to the rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear or apple, read on for advice on what clothing will help you to look and feel amazing.

Find The Basics Pieces That Work For You

When revamping your wardrobe, it’s incredibly helpful to start with the basics. If you’re trying to dress more fashionably, there’s no point in trying to cram in flashy items right away. Instead start with the basic items of clothing that are great for all body types and all combinations of clothing.

For example, A classic white T-shirt is an easy piece that can be worn for any occasion, a button down shirt can be worn with almost any type of pair of pants or jeans and a basic pair of black pants are a stylish but neutral item that can be worn with almost any outfit. It is also important to figure out which styles of clothing suit your body type when building the foundations of your wardrobe.

For tall women it is best to look for clothing that works well with but doesn’t accentuate your height. It may be a good idea to move away from longer, oversized tops and stick to clothing that lands at the hip. Skinny jeans are a great way to show off longer legs and remain casual. If you perhaps wish to instead draw attention away from your legs, a floral or patterned top would be a great way to go. Wearing heels when you’re tall can be a little more complicated but can definitely still be done.

For shorter or petite women, it is best to avoid boxy shapeless clothing that has the potential to make your frame look shorter and stumpier. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to incredibly tight fitted clothing but instead look for clothing that doesn’t sag off of or hide your figure. Flare leg jeans fitted above the waste are a great way to make your legs look a little taller and remember you can always wear a pair of heels to add a little more height. Wearing dresses as a smaller woman can be a great way to immediately increase the length of your body and help you look a little taller and skinnier.

For plus size women high rise pants are a great option. These help to tuck in your waist and elongate your figure and thankfully come in a variety of styles from jeans and leggings to pants and shorts. Despite contrary belief you can pull off horizontal stripes just to make sure that any clothing you wear fits well and is neither too baggy nor too tight. Larger stripes also seem to work well with a larger, curvy figure in comparison to smaller stripes. Whether or not the question are cankles genetic? is ever answered, if you feel a little secure about your ankle area there are few things you can do. Wearing flared pants and high heels can provide a sexy look while hiding your ankles and helping you in feeling a little more comfortable in your own skin. Remember, if you are insecure, that even petite and medium sized women can struggle with fat between the ankle and calf area and it is always better to own an insecurity rather than hide it.

Don’t Just Buy What’s New

While everyone loves to see the latest and greatest trends, it’s also important to keep in mind that not all trends are meant to last. Instead, focus your attention on what you like rather than what’s popular. Clothing can be a great tool to express your own unique personality. Do not cater to other people’s sense of style in order to fit in. Instead be confident and comfortable in your clothes and wear what you think is fashionable rather than what the media or your friends think looks good. Remember that one of the most attractive qualities to display is confidence in yourself and the way you look.

The rise of purchases in thrift stores across the country is a great example of the success of adopting this idea. Oftentimes thrift stores allow people to search for unique items that fit the individual. People who buy in thrift stores often take advantage of vintage items of clothing that would be usually considered out of fashion, and pair them with an outfit to create a look that is incredible. Though it does require a little more shopping around and time, shopping in thrift stores will really benefit you if you’re seeking for more unique pieces and outfits to add to your wardrobe.

Be Aware Of Fit And Cut

You may have heard many fashion tips regarding fit and cut, yet it bears repeating. When you’re trying to dress more fashionably, it’s important to keep in mind that all it takes is one small detail to make or break an outfit. The principles of fit and cut are probably the most important in putting together an outfit and apply to all types of clothing.

No matter whether you are plus sized or petite, tall or short with a bit of persistence you will find something which you feel comfortable and look great in. Remember nobody looks good in clothes that are too tight, no matter their build. When searching for clothes with a flattering fit and cut, ignore clothing size and numbers. Often these sizes are useless as they vary significantly from brand to brand. If you feel comfortable and look good in an item of clothing, wear it. When buying oversized items, don’t look to hide your figure behind baggy clothing and instead use the versatility of oversized clothing to your advantage. An oversized shirt for example can look great when it is tucked in, half tucked, untucked, buttoned, unbuttoned and more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ditch The Duds

If you’ve tried to incorporate certain fashion pieces into your wardrobe, but you don’t feel confident in how they look on you, don’t be afraid to ditch them. It’s okay to be a little scared of how your clothes will look on you. It’s normal to feel a little self-conscious when trying to incorporate new fashion trends into your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to try on clothes that you’re unsure about and don’t want to wear again. Once you’ve tried it on and don’t feel confident, you can always take the item off and put it back in your closet or donate it. Don’t feel pressured into wearing any types of clothing to fit in with fashion trends or other people’s expectations. Remember half of the task of getting yourself to look good involves making yourself feel good.


As the fashion industry changes, so does the need to cater to all the different body types. Now more than ever, fashion trends are being created to reflect the needs and wants of an increasingly diverse group of consumers. Don’t force yourself to conform with the current fashion trends and instead shop for clothing that is both suited to how it makes you feel and how you wish to look. The best outfits will always be the ones that you feel the most comfortable in, do not force yourself to fit others perception of what looks good. The only person you need to impress when you look in the mirror is yourself.

With more and more shops moving into the world of e-commerce, knowing where to shop online in 2022 can sometimes become complicated. Click here, for our suggestions on the best places to buy clothes on the internet that will upgrade your wardrobe.


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