How To Ship Clothing: 6 Useful Tips

One of the most lucrative businesses that you can start is a clothing business. People are always going to need clothes. While it can be difficult to stay ahead of fashion trends, as long as you have a good brand name and reputation, you should be able to shift and pivot when trends begin changing.

However, before you can build a reputation for yourself and start a profitable business, you need to know how to ship clothing. This post will offer six useful tips which you can use to improve your business’s shipping processes.

Using Couriers

If you are going to be shipping clothing for your business, then it’s probably best to work with a courier. A courier company will probably be the cheapest way to ship clothes in your state or country since domestic mail services can be extremely expensive. You can also get deals working with couriers. If you are a loyal customer, they may offer you a business account, which will give you better shipping rates.

Careful Packing

When shipping clothes you need to make sure that the clothes are carefully packed in. You also need to ensure that the clothes are folded properly so that they don’t crease in transit. If they arrive creased and in a sorry state, then the customers who have purchased them may demand a refund or may leave a bad review on your company’s Trust Pilot or Google Review page. Your reputation among customers is everything to your business, so make sure that you don’t do anything that is going to make them angry or upset.

Robust Packaging

In addition to making sure that everything’s packed into their parcels properly, make sure that you utilize robust and durable packaging. This is especially important when you are shipping clothes, since if they get wet or the parcel becomes torn, then moisture could get inside and ruin the clothes. Most companies seal clothing in tight plastic packages, wrapped with bubble wrap, inside cardboard boxes that have been covered and sealed with tape.

Tracked Shipping

Ensure that you always send items tracked, so that you can be sure that they have arrived. It’s unfortunately not uncommon for people to buy clothes, then claim that they have never arrived (despite them having been delivered) so that they can claim a refund and keep the items that they have purchased.

Including Invoice

Whenever you are shipping anything, you need to include an invoice and also a returns sheet. This is so that your customer has a physical receipt for their purchase and so that if they decide they don’t like the item, they can return it to you.

Photographing Items

It’s always a good idea to photograph items before they are packaged and sent off, just in case you encounter a customer who’s trying to scam you. It’s not uncommon for people to claim that their items were damaged when they arrived so that they can get a refund and keep them. Photographing items will prevent this from happening.

Running a clothing business can be a great way to make money. However, you will have to do a lot of packing and shipping of items, which means that you need to become an expert fast. Sending items in untidy packages can make your business look very unprofessional.


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