How to Achieve Low-Maintenance and Glamorous Hairstyles at the Same Time

How to Achieve Low-Maintenance and Glamorous Hairstyles at the Same Time

It would be fantastic if we could all wake up and walk out the door without touching our hair and have it looking fabulous throughout the day. Unfortunately, for most of us, styling and taking care of our hair requires a bit more of our time.

Sometimes it can take a lot of our time. Trying to keep your hair on the level without devoting too many hours or an endless well of energy to maintaining it can feel like a cosmic joke, especially on the day you’ve got that big presentation at work.

The following will break down some useful tips and tricks to help your hair look its best without requiring too much of your precious time. The goal here is to get your styling time down without sacrificing the effect. Of course, everyone’s hair is different, so feel free to pick whichever tips suit your hair texture and personal style and leave the rest.

Learn About Sleep Styles

Sleep styles might sound utterly foreign to you, but for those of us who have figured it out, it’s changed everything. A sleep style is something you do to your hair before you go to bed to help you have hair that is easier to manage when you wake up. This can be something you do to keep your hair strong and healthy (especially if you toss and turn at night and always wake up with broken strands and split ends), or it can be something that alters the shape and texture, so you can rush out of the house in the morning without even brushing.

Braids make for an excellent sleep style if you want some natural-looking waves. They also help keep your hair from breaking in the night. You might find a bun (or two) that works best for you. If you want sleek straight hair in the morning, a low ponytail while you sleep can reduce your straightening time in the morning. While you’re at it, look into getting a pillowcase that supports your hair health. Once you switch to silk, you won’t be able to go back; your hair will be so much stronger.

Use Products That Support How You Style

Depending on what you like doing with your hair, you need to be using different shampoos and conditioners. Some products make straightening your hair more manageable. Others work well if you tend to curl your hair. There are products for blowouts, dreadlocks, and even crimping. It might take you a while to find your sweet spot when it comes to products. Take your time and if you find you don’t love your hair texture, luster, or obedience, consider trying something new. You might be surprised to discover how much difference shampoo can make.

Try the Every Other Day Styling Trend

This tip doesn’t work for everyone, but when it works, the results are spectacular. It has a lot to do with how oily your scalp tends to be. Some people can get away with styling their hair every other day and using dry shampoo on the second (or third, or fourth) day to keep the roots looking clean without altering the hair’s texture. If you struggle to skip washing your hair for a day, there are a few steps you can take to help ease your hair into the process. Study after study has shown that washing our hair every day is hard on it.

Get Your Allergies Tested

This trick is for anyone who has an itchy scalp or hair loss that they can’t explain. Sometimes our scalp acts up as a way of letting us know that we’re allergic to the products we use or the food we eat. If you have these symptoms and have never gotten your allergies tested, now might be the time. You might be surprised to learn that something you’ve been ingesting for years is causing havoc in your system. Mild, hidden allergies can also have a significant impact on our skin and energy levels. There might be a whole new you, waiting until you stop eating garlic to show itself.

The above tips should help ease some of the maintenance your hair requires. Of course, getting to know your hair and how far you can push it is part of the process as well. Our hair has a way that it wants to be, and it can be quite stubborn about it. Take the time to try new things out and see whether it makes your hair happy or miserable. Listen to your hair; it might be misbehaving because it desperately needs some biotin or a little extra moisture. And massage your scalp regularly. See the instructions HairGuard gives. These are easy fixes once we see the problem.


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