Here’s How to Make Styling Fashion Leggings Simple

Here’s How to Make Styling Fashion Leggings Simple

Classic leggings are very comfortable and easy to wear but frowned upon by fashionistas. For fans, leggings are a comfy alternative to tough denim jeans. It’s also a flattering piece allowing you to show off your curves while you work out. Whether you are choosing to pair your leggings with casual t-shirts or you want to dress them up with a corset and layered dress, leggings can and do look fantastic with anything. You can be as chic as you like – depending on who you ask!

For fashion critics, leggings are not as chic, and wearing them makes you look untidy and unkempt. But we beg to differ! Leggings are versatile and can work with any wardrobe! It’s just a matter of wearing a matching outfit that works with it. Here are some techniques to make fashion leggings look simple and chic.

14 Ways to Style Your Wardrobe with Simple Leggings

Sanctuary LA brand said you’ll stand out whether you’re in camo leggings or plain leggings with the following top tips:

Cool Leggings with Denim Jacket

Sometimes the simplest style is the best style. Wear your black or dark blue leggings with a plain white shirt and denim jacket. Match this style with a comfortable pair of sneakers and a cute tote bag.

You can wear your denim jacket or tie it around your waist for that cool edgy look. Tying your jacket around your waist is a great idea if you’re not too comfortable showing off your figure. Finally, wear your hair in a messy bun for that classic, cool, and casual look.

Matching Wide Brim Hat

Dark leggings are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. You can wear this anywhere and use accents to create a new look such as a wide brim hat. Wear your dark leggings with a simple white tank top to show off your gorgeous curves. Add some drama with a flowing sheer duster jacket.

Finally, a wide-brim hat and aviator sunglasses will give you a cool and upgraded look. You can wear your favorite dark-colored heels or leather boots with this smart ensemble.

Keeping It Casual with a Cropped Sweatshirt

Cropped sweatshirts and leggings are in to create that old-school look, according to Harpers Bazaar. Wear plain dark leggings together with your favorite cropped shirt and a comfortable pair of sneakers and boots.

Use cool accents like a tote bag and aviator sunglasses to complete this street style. Wear this casual look as you go shopping or meet friends on a weekend.

Rugged and Chic with a Leather Jacket

Want to look and feel like a model? This rugged yet chic style is the ultimate off-duty model look that works each time. Match a pair of dark leggings with a leather moto jacket and a white tee. Don’t forget your comfortable sneakers, black leather tote bag, and aviator sunglasses to complete this uptown girl style.

Match Leggings with an Oversized Tee

Nothing matches cool and simple leggings more than an oversized T-shirt. Some may frown upon this mom style, but it’s easy to upgrade with some jewelry pieces, a trucker hat, a tote bag, and a comfy pair of sneakers. Wear this comfortable, laid-back style everywhere.

Keep It Classy with a Loose Top

Cropped leggings go with any style but will best accent a loose and flowing top. A loose spaghetti strap silk blouse and an oversized silk scarf are the best way to go. Wear stylish open-toe sandals and a leather tote bag to complete this comfortable yet classy look. If you want, wear a moto jacket and change your sandals to a smart pair of leather boots.

Choose Luxurious Leather Leggings

Dress for success with leather leggings and a white flowy open-front, long-sleeved top. Show off your toned abs or sexy toned figure with this flattering style. We go with high-heeled, low-cut boots for this style together with round sunglasses and a luxe leather clutch bag. You can also select from these top winter shoe trends to go with this style

Chic Post Workout Style

Glam up your weekend post-gym style with colorful patterned leggings. This figure-flattering pair of leggings will match any kind of workout clothing. From spandex tops, comfortable cotton tees, and chic parkas, you’ll be the most stylish girl at the gym with this style.

Match With Animal Prints

Feel and look powerful when you wear leggings with a jacket or shirt with leopard spots. This stylish and classy look is perfect for strolling, date night, and traveling abroad. Match this with pointy leather boots, or sharp high heels with an oversized silk scarf. You’ll be the talk of everyone no matter where you go with this look.

Take It Easy With White Tee and a Bomber Jacket

Whether you’re hitting the gym or just going out for a stroll during this coronavirus pandemic, leggings are your perfect pair according to The New York Times. This combination of leggings and bomber jacket will seal the deal. Wear a plain white tee with black polished leggings and sneakers. Update your casual street style with this easy leggings combination look.

High Gloss Leggings for a Polished Look

Stroll around town like a superstar with liquid leggings, a white shirt, and an olive green moto jacket. This shiny pair of leggings will accent your figure and make you look thinner and taller. Wear high heels or platform sandals for that smart and casual style you can wear anywhere.

Wearing Patterned Leggings

Patterned leggings like camo leggings will make you stand out from the crowd. Wear high leather booties, a plain white turtleneck shirt, and a cool leather jacket to truly elevate your style.

Smart and Casual Leggings Plus Oversized Turtleneck

Traveling to a sweater-weather destination? Wear an oversized turtleneck and a moto jacket, the perfect pair to match classic style black leggings. You’ll love how comfortable you’ll feel in this cozy ensemble. And if you’re going to be moving a lot while on your trip, wear a comfortable pair of sneakers to match this airport-bound style.

Hot and Chic With a Cropped Top

This is your chance to show off your toned abs and slender figure. Match dark leggings with a black trench jacket, and a dark cropped top. This flattering dark look goes well with mid-sized leather boots and a cute tote bag. Find out how to dress up according to your body type to match this chic look.

Final Words

Some women have grown accustomed to wearing leggings at home, at work, or while commuting. Who could blame them? Leggings are very comfortable, easy to wear, and will match different styles.

Also, leggings are easy to maintain and clean. By matching different pieces and accessories with your leggings, you can create a unique look that’s all your own. Have fun wearing your favorite pair today.


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