Get Ready For Drama | Galia Lahav Introduces The AW 22 Collections

Get Ready For Drama | Galia Lahav Introduces The AW 22 Collections

“Fashion is drama, a wedding is drama, and Galia Lahav loves drama.” – Sharon Sever

Tune in to see the “Telenovela” collection come to life in Galia Lahav’s new exclusive short fashion film starring Galia Lahav & Sharon Sever. (Teaser above.)

Until then, enjoy these photos from the new collection:

The Couture Collection: Telenovela
Life is a Telenovela – you should be dramatic.

Our newest couture collection, Telenovela, encourages brides to be dazzling as they own the spotlight and step in front of the camera. It allows them the power to be dramatic and the freedom to feel comfortable, bold and empowered no matter the silhouette.

Brides can shape their perfect love story through Telenovela, where happiness is the ending to a season of lockdown, and the beginning to a bride’s sequel of love.

The GALA Collection: GALA Girls
For the modern, contemporary and bold bride.

We are also pleased to introduce you to our latest GALA collection – “Gala Girls”. We created our new collection of wedding gowns in our made-to-order bridal line for brides who look up to pop culture icons as their fashion muses. This collection is also about the love, work, and creativity put into producing a wedding, which reflects the personal style of the GALA bride.

GALA Girls is for the bride who embraces the bridal aisle as her red carpet moment and celebrates her individuality.


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