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Frederick Anderson Spring 2018: New York Fashion Week

Frederick Anderson: Fables of the Deconstruction

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Wow” is as good a word as any to describe Frederick Anderson’s NYFW SS18 collection, “African-American.”

As someone whose parents hail from Wales (hey that rhymed!), South America, and The Netherlands, I’m probably not the only person waiting for the end of the “race” concept. Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop categorizing each other and just get on with the business of living?

Dissolution of boundaries may have been one of the ideas behind Frederick Anderson’s latest collection, “African-American,” an exploration of African fashion forms and and archetypes, with an eye to deconstructing the daywear-nightwear paradigms of ready to wear.

Frederick Anderson NYFW SS18

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A continuation of his first collection, “Black Like Me,” for SS18 Anderson looked to explore outdated labels, not only in society but in the fashion industry. According to the press materials: “Just as the way we look at ourselves and others has changed, so has fashion. Sportswear, daywear, and athletic wear now blend together to make up a wardrobe for a modern day woman.”

Although the collection dipped into the “earthy sexiness of the ’70s,” juxtaposed with Anderson’s African travel influences, the noteworthiness of the collection came not in high-minded ideals (as much as we adore these), but in the excellence of the execution.

the noteworthiness of the collection came in the excellence of its execution

Here was a wearable collection that showed Anderson is more than just a dreamer: he’s an artist, able to create looks as lofty as his ideals.


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