Flying Solo Hosted An Incredible Runway in the Snow for NYFW

Flying Solo Hosted Incredible Runway in the Snow for NYFW

Flying Solo hosted its winter show this past weekend with 87 designers from 20 countries showcasing over 400 looks, constituting the largest number of designers in a single event of the 2022 NYFW winter season.

Once again, this year’s show was hosted on a Soho rooftop with the jaw-dropping Manhattan skyline as its background with delicate snowflakes cascading from the sky.

Flying Solo

The looks ranged from contemporary to avant garde to athleisure and more in a parade of colors, textures and fashion fare. Each season, Flying Solo showcases new talented independent designers from across the globe and this season being the largest showcase to date.

Collections and pieces were shown by brands: _NDC, a quick buck, AERT, AKS MATHUR, Alberto Miceli, Alexander Durbin, All’s, Amará L’mour, AMOR CLOTHING, ANICIC, APUA Luxury Bags, Arctic Luxe, Art Point, BISOULOVELY, Bye Bambi, Come On, Coolrated Miami (Bossa Concept), Daniela Uribe, DENDY, Devenity London, EARS OF BUDDHA, EJE INTL DESIGNS, Elena Rudenko, Freakbutik, Full Regalia, Funknsoul97, Gabriel, Gaialeon, Georgina Jewelry, Ghettodiva, HauteLife World, House of Byfield, Hukka Design, Jamemme, JILL.HERLANDS, Kajal New York, Kat and Clarese, Kate Razz Brand, Lilac Pulsar, Peachplie, LNB Jewellery, LUCKYNELLY, M&M royalty, MadGirlifestyle, Maggie Miller, McIntyre, Metri Holliday, Miss Hollywood, MOLLY, Monet’bymorjai, Nassa’s, NMB New York, Paisley & Heart, PANICULATA by Gabriela Rose, PAOLA MOLET, PAULINA’S FRIENDS, Petit Carmelino, Prevail Clothing, Raas international clothing, Randy Cow, Riina Mettas Jewelry, Rosa Isela, Ruth Esther, SABA, Silk Epoque by Olga Ziemann, SKCreations LLC, Sol AngelAnn, solomeina, SR STEPHANIE RENS, Tabitha Andelin, THAT GORILLA BRAND, the little things NYC, Thykskynn, TON’s, U L I V I, Va’Ceia Designs, Vanity’s Gift, Vitruvius (M Pollio Education Group Inc), Volta Atelier, Wonderland Childrenswear, Wood Belt, Zars London, ZAVW, ZHUO, and Zina Untu.

_NDC, USA @not_dressedcloth

_NDC is a bold, cutting edge, functional brand reconstructing the norm. Capturing all inspiration from their everyday lives, _NDC creates pieces inspired by people, and events from their past to present. Established in 2019 and based in Oakland, CA, expression is second nature to _NDC; it’s the gateway to being heard. From designer Kendraya Spooner, _NotDressedClothing is the outlet that speaks for all creatives.

a quick buck, Russia @aquickbuck

a quick buck is Russian alternative luxe brand based in April 2020 by Anastasiya Anikina. European, American and Asian brands are not much represented in Russia. And local Russian fashion retail is still at the formation stage. Therefore, it is difficult for women to find some clothes that will express their personality, free attitude, strength, energy and confidence. The designer took these values, previous manufacturing experience, design vision, sharp and provocative marketing and put it all together in the new brand called “a quick buck”


“Aert began designing its prints and outfits in 2016 with a passion for quality and an instinct for innovation. Aert designers explore pattern, texture and colors, using only garments and products that are kind to its clients and to the environment.

Since a young age, the founder, Ilhan began developing her signature prints — graphic, abstract designs, that swooshed in an explosive mix of colour. Her work takes inspiration from the world around her — art, design, mother nature, motives, sun and sea weavers and optical illusions.”

Alberto Miceli, Italy @albertomicelimilano

Alberto Miceli established in 2019 in Milan (Italy), takes its name from the eponymous designer. The passion for careful research into fabrics, precision of garments and Made in Italy led to the birth of Alberto Miceli. Our design enables us to create, dress and celebrate every person who wants to wear Alberto Miceli. At last, you give life to our garbs.

Alexander Durbin, USA @Alexander_durbin

Collection 1 emerged from a creative director determined to prove that it is possible to be their true self and also be successful in this industry. At its core, Collection 1 illustrates the concept of confidence and power through personal expression and creative freedom. They aspire to leave an imprint on the fashion world and future designers, to inspire courage and hope for not only those who grew up in the suburbs of Middle America like they did, but for everyone who may feel that their dreams are out of reach.

All’s, USA @all.s_brand

ALL’S is a clothing brand whose story takes its roots in the founder’s life journey. When one creates something exquisite, they begin to share it with the world. They want everyone to feel the taste of self-expression by combining high-quality with rough and sophisticated styles.

Amará L’mour, USA @amaralmour

“Amará L’mour was created for the majestic individual who exhibits all things luxury and high fashion. Amará L’mour is a premium custom handmade blazer brand that challenges the typical standards of blazer or jacket in its unique design, quality, and presentation.
Each style is crafted with intricate details and is a limited edition worldwide. The brand was born in 2016 in America’s fashion capital, New York City. Each jacket is handcrafted and produced by a dedicated team of experienced international tailors located in Thailand.
The Amará L’mour customer is one who exudes exclusiveness, luxuriousness, and timelessness as they unapologetically make statements through their fashion and lifestyle.”

AMOR CLOTHING, Australia @amor___clothing

AMOR CLOTHING is a unique designer streetwear label coming out of Perth, Western Australia. Founder and director, Christian Vicencio, is an 18-year-old designer who built the brand as a means of self-expression, to cope with the struggles of mental health. Utilizing the brand as a platform where he lets his mind run wild, Christian, with quick succession, has hosted two runway shows in his hometown of Perth and is now pushing the boundaries with his brand. AMOR CLOTHING is a platform where creatives alike who are inspired by the brand can use it to create their own world, their own safe haven, a sense of turning the wildest of dreams and ideas into a reality. Christian hopes that he can inspire other young people, especially young men, to use their mental health as a tool to create something great, to achieve anything they put their mind to.

ANICIC, Australia @anicicofficial

ANICIC is a Sydney-based, urban luxury brand founded in 2020 by Swedish fashion designer and masters of design student, Anna Anicic. Challenging mainstream body and gender norms, ANICIC offers a gender-fluid range in a vast variety of sizes, while being sustainable, independent and cruelty free. The philosophy of ANICIC is to be contemporary, self-actualising and experimental with a focus on eco-responsibility and diversity. ANICIC rewrites what it means to be masculine, feminine or neither by exploring with gender and re-imagined proportions.

Arctic Luxe, USA @arcticluxe_

ARCTIC LUXE was founded by Bobby Itta in 2010. It is an indigenous-owned, women-led, Alaska Native clothing and accessory brand based in Anchorage, Alaska. Bobby Itta is Inupiaq and is an enrolled member of the Native Village of Barrow tribe in Utqiagvik, Alaska. She lives and works from home in Anchorage. She specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces that are hand-made by the artist herself, while also designing ready to wear fashions.

Art Point, Austria @artpointvienna

art point is a Vienna-based fashion brand founded in 1998 by Lena Kvadrat. Approaching clothing as a fundamental way of communication, no different from mobile telephony, art point creates garments that encode and decode this language of fashion.

Bye Bambi, Australia @byebambi_

Ethical slow fashion. Melbourne ~ Naarm, Australia

Come On, USA @comeonworld.ig

Come On is genderless, timeless, and ageless. Established in 2019 in Miami, this versatile clothing brand is inspired by punk culture and surrealism. Come On’s designs are classic and defiant, applying a modern twist to heritage tailoring traditions. Come On employs local tailors and seamstresses to realize its vision. Working closely with craftspeople in an in-house micro-factory located in Miami’s Little River district, Come On ensures that each piece is made with the utmost care, encouraging cultural freedom and conscious consumerism. Come On’s vision is to erase the rules that determine why, how, and where each piece should be worn. For those thirsty for a fashion experience that’s different from the norm, for those seeking the classic style of a well-made suit while maintaining a ludic spirit, for those committed to responsible production and responsible consumption – Come On.

Coolrated Miami (Bossa Concept), USA @coolratedmiami @bossaconcept

“Bossa is an innovative retail store located in the heart of the Miami Design District working as a platform for international labels seeking to expand into the US.

The direct-to-consumer approach provided by Bossa gives brands a complete sales experience through their partner-based retail store and a strong digital strategy to promote sales and social media activation. Their business model enhances the values and culture behind each brand, recreating their story while offering customers a unique shopping experience.”

DENDY, USA @______dendy

Bold New Young

Devenity London, UK @Devenitylondon

Grace Deveer is the founder and creative director of Devenity London. Devenity London is a conceptual brand creating unique clothing which is inspired by art, poetry and culture. Grace believes fashion is the window to our true identity, clothes are the reflection of your inner self. From a young age Grace has always been fascinated with how clothes are made, the beauty of how a drawing can be turned into a garment, the magical feeling of knowing you can express yourself through clothes. This inspired her to start her own clothing line. In addition Grace has worked in different sectors in the fashion industry, from luxury designers, couture houses and high street brands. She has also been featured in Sheen Magazine, Schick Magazine and Glitz for her inspirational collection.

EARS OF BUDDHA, USA @earsofbuddha

Ears of Buddha is a clothing company from designer Franny Koelsch. With a background in fashion design and an active presence in the Texas art scene, Franny pulls inspiration from her surroundings and life experiences. The seventh-generation Houstonian prides herself on manufacturing her Ears of Buddha shirts, embellished with hand-embroidery and other hand-details, in small batches in an atelier in her hometown.

EJE INTL DESIGNS, USA @ejeintldesigns_ coming

EJE INTL DSGNS is an eclectic brand inspired by imagination and international travels to some of the world’s most sought-after destinations such as Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, UAE, and Paris. Specializing in custom accessories, headpieces, eyewear, jewelry, custom sneakers, and streetwear clothing, their clients are also an eclectic mix of cool people who range from celebrity artists using their pieces for video and photo shoots to their weekend fashion warriors on their way to Burning Man! They’ll take everyone back to the ol’ school, and put a spin on today and tomorrow’s future in fashion. Having a genuine love, understanding, and appreciation for their client while offering quality, forward-thinking pieces to stand out from the rest will be their stamp in the industry.

Elena Rudenko, USA @elenarudenko_official

Elena Rudenko is fashion designer with attention to womenswear. The designer’s collections have the abundance of details, folds, and drapes, packed in simple visual shapes, and the play of textures, patterns, and proportions. Comfort and femininity are the core of Elena’s designs. She pays keen attention to quality fabrics and the finishings of garments. The women of the brand have to be strong, confident, and independent, as the public wants to see them while they are fragile and feminine.

Freakbutik, Russia @freakbutik_spb

Freakbutik is a clothing brand with its own factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. With a practical and convenient design, their items are made from only natural and durable materials.Designers – sisters Milana and Marina – started with exclusive luxury tailoring, bringing the quality of processing and fabrics to the highest level. They have already been recognized in more than 50 countries! For nearly 20 years, they have been creating clothes that become much-loved pieces in wardrobes worldwide. They carefully collect the coolest fabrics and accessories from around the world, and add impeccable elaboration and design. The results are creative things in which one can be stunning every day. Remember, once a client experiences Freakbutik, they will come back again and again, and in the crowd, they will always recognize likeminded people by the triangle on the back.

Full Regalia, USA @fullregaliadesigns

FULL REGALIA, founded by Lawrence Oke in 2010, is a mixed modern, luxurious fashion brand that designs with a focus on garment construction, unique craftsmanship, and quality fabric. Using exceptional design techniques, Full Regalia tells the true story of being unique and innovative in creative ways through design. Creative director and founder Lawrence Oke combines Western Texas artistic culture with traditional and unique design ideas. A Houston native, Lawrence began his fashion career as a senior in high school making t-shirts for his friends; he eventually finished college and graduated with a bachelor’s of science in nursing, working as a psychiatric registered nurse. Independently, Lawrence uses his personal aesthetic and childhood experiences to create new memories through Full Regalia. As a Nigerian youth growing up in Houston, he used fashion as a way to express and protect himself from the world’s opinions and the bullying he sometimes experienced. Seeing fashion as a barrier for protection and route of expression, he translates that same motif today in design, creating with no limits and conveying his truth through garment design.

Funknsoul97, Australia @funksoul97

“Tia Semi is the founder, owner, and creative force behind FunkNSoul97. A proud Samoan-Australian woman with disabilities living in Western Australia, her vision is to create, push boundaries, and inspire. Tia not only designs and creates culturally inspired fashion ranges that have been featured in local, interstate, and international runways, but is she a successful model as well. She has walked the runway in Australia and New Zealand, and in 2022 Tia was selected to feature in New York Fashion Week’s Flying Solo “Ones to Watch” Runway event as a model and with a fashion range by FunkNSoul97. Tia aims to make connections with people, teach others to see her abilities, accept her for who she is, and accept differences in general.

Gabriel, Spain @peleteriagabriel

Gabriel brand was born in the mid-thirties, and today they are the third generation operating the business. They design and manufacture haute couture using fur, and have their own atelier where the designs are made one by one by hand. They use the highest quality materials to create avant-garde designs that adapt to today’s woman. They are specialized in fur, and in their collections, they mix different types of materials in different textures and colors. Mixing fur with wool, cashmere, leather, and more natural sustainable and biodegradable materials that benefit the environment. They design haute couture furs using traditional techniques with modern silhouettes to create unique and special pieces.

Ghettodiva, UK @theofficialghettodiva

“Designer Ghettodiva was first beaten by a belt when she was four years old, leaving marks and bruises all over her body. This carried on throughout childhood. When she was 14 years old, she began to realize her body and felt no one would ever marry her because of her scars. She used to look at her body, her arms, her legs, her thighs, and see the marks: two long lines always in the same direction. The patterns were everywhere, sometimes overlapping, forming a twisted design. She thought that if she could get belts to cover the designs, to make them fit, then she could wear them as a fashion that will be incorporated into her clothing; and if she ever had to be naked, people will assume, as she wore the same belts with the same design for years, that the belts created the marks on her body.
While completing her dance degree, she was taught to always think outside the box, to be different, to create different things. So, she created stunning designs in sportswear, clubwear, evening gowns, and wedding dresses with the best quality fabrics she could find – designs that make others do a double take.
But when she began to create fashion, and buy fashion, she stayed well away from belts: they were a reminder of her childhood, something she wanted to forget, something that terrified her as an adult. After years of anxiety attacks, she decided to change her fear of belts, to use belts for their initial purpose: not as instruments for abuse, but for fashion.
Ghettodiva represents all those unthought of, all children who have suffered physical and sexual abuse around the world and especially those in Brazil, those living in the Amazon, those who have been forgotten. This brand is here to bring awareness. This brand is here to show that people who have suffered physical and sexual abuse should not be written off, blamed for their abuse, or told they can’t be good parents when they are adults. Instead, a child’s self-worth should be bolstered so that they are more likely to feel capable of pursuing their dreams and goals as adults.
Ghettodiva’s customers are those who love fashion, who want to wear creative fashion, who care about what the brand represents. This brand cares about everyone, especially the abused children in the Amazon in Brazil. This brand gives permission for abused children to be happy, to create the life they want, to live their dreams regardless of their childhood, to believe in themselves as this brand believes in them.

House of Byfield, Netherlands @houseofbyfield_official

Carmicheal Byfield was born October 18, 1975 in Kingston, Jamaica. In 2008 he migrated to the Netherlands, where he found his passion for designing men’s clothes. He spent most of his time drawing, creating images, and combining fabrics, which eventually led him to enroll in fashion school. In 2011, Carmicheal began freelancing as a self-motivated designer while studying fashion in the Netherlands. Byfield’s style is described as colorful and elegant, with clever detailing and a sporty touch. Simple sophistication is achieved with light, flowing fabrics layered into asymmetric forms that often drape directly on the body. Production is undertaken in the Netherlands using high-quality materials from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Carmichael is currently working feverishly to present his collections twice yearly.

Hukka Design, Turkey @hukkadesign

In today’s world, where the teachings from the past are a guide rather than a necessity, the concept of beauty is changing. Trends are evolving. Styles are differentiating, mixing, and multiplying. The pomp and show of the past are replaced by a natural simplicity. Unique styles are designed with a sustainable understanding. As a part of this transformation since 2012, Hukka Design has been working with inspiration from nature and a universal design approach. They create alternative styles with their contemporary designs to celebrate the freedom of today’s woman to reflect her personality in her lifestyle. Hukka Design combines a modest stance with modern lines, and offer functional and non-linear designs for all women who care about dressing well, regardless of their lifestyle. Ultimately, they create high-quality pieces in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors to meet every need. As an Istanbul-based design firm, they draw their inspiration from the different tones of this city that create a tremendous unity with each other.

Jamemme, Ukraine @jamemme

J’Amemme is a wearable couture brand based in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is known for weightless organza pleats, exaggerated silhouettes and semi-transparent textures. The brand’s DNA is defined by hand-crafted fabrics, architectural shapes and bright candy colors of the garments. Its mission is to show that traditional techniques of haute couture are fit for modern day reality. J’Amemme’s collections have been showcased at both New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. The brand has been featured in over 200 editorials within the last year, including Vogue Italy, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Elle Russia, L’Officiel Austria, Glamour South Africa, the Washington Post. Maye Musk and Kat Graham are among the brand’s fans.

Kajal New York, UK @kajalnewyork

Kajal New York is a New York City based Luxury Womenswear Label founded in 2021 by designer Kajal Goel. The brand’s core focus is to offer wearable Futuristic Luxury garments that are sustainably made with a high level of quality. The first collection, The Core Collection, is designed to be the core pieces in any woman’s wardrobe. In collaboration with PYRATEX, the textiles used have a variety of skin-caring and energy and water saving properties. The fabric originates from post-industrial and post-consumer textiles cotton waste. Made from fabric waste from productions all around the world. The dyeing process for the fabrics throughout the collection requires reduced water consumption. Our leather jackets are made by repurposing waste from the Italian wine industry (discarded grape skins, stalks and seeds). All of Kajal’s garments are designed and produced in the heart of New York City with attention to fit, zero waste techniques and functionality.

Kate Razz Brand, Ukraine – Italy @katerazzbrand

The brand to fall in love with

M&M royalty, Netherlands @mmroyaltyofficial

M&M Royalty is a brand which has been established by two sisters from Amsterdam with South American roots. M&M Royalty designs clothing, shoes, belts, bags and accessories for men and women. They produce from daily wear till haute contour. M&M Royalty distinguishes their brand with collection styles that have been inspired by modern fashion and ancient royalty. The designs of the new collection have been influenced by an Egyptian and Indigenous style.

Maggie Miller, USA @maggiemillerofficial

Maggie Miller navigates the space between nostalgia and the now through small-scale, impactful design. The designs aim to evoke historical and contemporary sentiments by juxtaposing classic silhouettes and tailoring with bold, texture, prints, and color. The Maggie Miller brand is forward-thinking, eclectic design for the bold and eco-conscious woman. The customer is re-evaluating her relationship as a consumer to fashion, investing in quality, detailed pieces that highlight luxurious, eco-conscious fabrications. For this reason, she values outerwear and other pieces that operate as functional, stand-out garments in her wardrobe that will last a lifetime. This upcoming collection is inspired by cryptography and code-breaking. Through the use of textures, original prints, hand-knit textile, and deadstock fabric, the collection is a balance of sophistication, clarity, and chaos. In this world, there is always something to understand – to decode – and the collection embodies this. It features modular elements, which are interactive and convertible. Even the looks themselves can be decoded by counting the buttons and using a cipher to uncover the secret message.

McIntyre, USA @mcintyreonline

Malik McIntyre is a 24-year-old independent designer from Chicago, IL. Malik fell in love with fashion design at the age of 16 when he joined an arts club at his high school. As an only child who moved a lot growing up, art was Malik’s way of expressing himself. He never went to parties or social events; instead, he would sit at home and write songs and books, and eventually sketch clothes. It wasn’t until senior year that Malik decided he wanted to sell his creations. He worked two jobs to fund his passion, but that still wasn’t enough to start a brand. When he graduated, he decided to join the military to save for his dream. Malik McIntyre now designs part time while serving the military. Often times he has to step away from designing to go on deployments when duty calls, but he always makes a powerful return with bold and expressive collections. He’s gained most of his recognition from viral moments on Twitter.

Miss Hollywood, USA @misshollywood.official

Miss Hollywood

Monet’bymorjai @monetbymorjai

The brand was established in 2019. New in the fashion world, a lot of doors have been opening for this Black-owned business ever since Aweng Ade-Chuol @awengchuol has been strutting over social media wearing this one-of-a-kind design.

Nassa’s @by.nassa

Nassa is a self-taught designer and the owner of Nassa’s Bringing Out the Lady in You. In 2016, she discovered her God-given gift/talent with a $20 sewing machine from the Salvation Army. Within five years, she’s created countless garments and custom orders with the goal of making every client feel their best. Nassa’s provides a collection of luxury and signature statement pieces. Her aim is to bring out the ultimate confidence that every woman holds. She believes every lady deserves a head-turning moment, and her customs are uniquely designed to do just that.

NMB New York, USA @nmbnewyork

Designer Natalie Brown founded her clothing brand NMB New York in October 2020. The brand is based on her thesis collection from Parsons School of Design, where she graduated in 2020 with honors in fashion design following an undergraduate degree in art from Elon University. The Peachtree City, Georgia native now calls New York home. She started her brand to create clothing that allowed people to embrace their individuality, and feel empowered by what they wear: look good, feel good, and do good. Natalie wanted to create clothing that she wanted to wear, but could not find. NMB New York designs are based on upcycling, meaning they take hand-picked vintage clothing, deconstruct them, then use them as fabric to make new, upgraded NMB original clothing in New York. No NMB piece of clothing looks the same; each is an original, giving every customer their own unique expression. NMB New York aims to rebrand the idea of upcycling, giving it a fresh edge and luxury feel, while making strides toward a fashionably cleaner world and a healthier environment. Reduced waste never looked so good.

PANICULATA by Gabriela Rose, Spain @paniculata_pnclt

Gabriela Rose, creative director of the Paniculata firm, grew up among patterns, fabrics, and dresses, a fact that made her love everything related to design with a strong passion. She is from Dayton, Ohio and lived all her life in Spain, coming to the States every summer to be with her relatives and family. Paniculata kicked off with its first My Angel AW14 Collection, dedicated to her best friend who had just passed away battling cancer. She launched 100 shirts in three different lines: Casual, Night, and Elegance, all of them unique and different. With the great acceptance of the public and the subsequent sale of all shirts, she opted to diversify the product. In 2017, she presents Make it Yours in a private fashion show at the Club Financiero de Génova in Madrid. Being a success, she achieves a great rapprochement with her followers and begins to stand out in the bespoke sector. The year 2018 marks many awards for the brand, but the most relevant is the winning position in the Young Talent Contest of La Palma Fashion Week with its Clotilde Collection’18 and for which it becomes part of the Isla Bonita Moda label. In 2019, the brand enters the bridal field with its first bridal collection, Beautiful Life, and manages to parade on one of the most important international catwalks, Madrid Bridal Fashion Week. Today, Paniculata has two very marked lines of business: custom-made guests and brides, by appointment at the atelier and, capsule or limited-edition collections of prèt-Â-porter garments and jewelry, highlighting the bet for sustainable products and where the concept of slow fashion prevails, maintaining elegance, minimalism, and meticulousness in all designs. Paniculata keeps the exclusivity of the product, making everything to order, so sometimes there is only one piece in the world. They use unique, ethical, and sustainable fabrics, carrying out the entire manufacturing process in their workshop in Spain.

PAOLA MOLET, Spain @paolamolet_

PAOLA MOLET creates locally to impact globally.

PAULINA’S FRIENDS, Germany @paulinasfriendsfashion


Petit Carmelino, Portugal @pet1t

Petit Carmelino brand established in 2015. Petit Carmelino has an irreverent, classy, and modern brand with a touch of simplicity that combines classic, sportswear, and streetwear designs. They have a new concept of slow fashion and tailor-made, and their simplistic yet stylish designs have created a great impact and acceptance in every type of public all over the globe. Petit Carmelino has a great range of the finest products and provide the best quality services to all clients. They use the best textile fabrics on all products. Their fashion designs are made with love for the details and we use embroidery and similar techniques for long-term durability and quality.

Prevail Clothing, USA @prevail_brand

Prevail Clothing is a fitness clothing brand headquartered in the United States (California). Their goal is to create minimalistic and contemporary designs that one can effortlessly transition from the gym to anywhere.

Raas international clothing, USA @alwaysraas

RAAS aims to grace the silhouettes of women everywhere and make them feel confident in their styling. With unique designs and bold patterns, they enhance one’s wardrobe to match their personality. In timeless shapes and hand-embroidered embellishments, their pieces set people apart from the rest in the best way possible. As a fashion-forward boutique, RAAS is committed to offering top-notch, personalized customer service for all of their clients. With handmade details, they bring the best quality materials to help clients make a statement in an original way. Through innovation and hard work, they are proud to provide one-of-a-kind options that allow women to feel empowered and confident in their bodies. Live life out loud with pieces that work for all different occasions. They make sure their clients feel incredible each and every time with their versatile designs, from birthday soirées to lavish dinners and special nights out. Self-expression lies at the core of RAAS, and they want all their clients to experience the transformation that their clothing creates. It also brings them joy to be able to execute this collection with sustainability in mind. Their manufacturing unit has minimal to no waste of fabric; down to the packaging, bags, and new designs, they make it work to limit material tossing. Break out of the normal with fun and exciting styles that bring life to any outfit. With the option of a custom fitting, all of their designs are sustainable, accessible, and made especially for each client. Reflect individuality, color, and positivity with everything they have to offer at RAAS.

Randy Cow, UK @randy.cow

A wise man once said, “Whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it’s important you do it.” Well, Mr. Ghandi, RC HQ is doing it and they’re doing it right. Countless hours spent checking dudes out at the beach. Days of staring at the world for inspiration. Weeks of feeling fabrics, textiles, and derrières. All brought together with a little bit of spice from the team at RC HQ. They’re here to deliver top-notch beachwear products and the ultimate customer journey across the globe, while doing their bit for planet earth. Revolutionary waterproof solutions and stunning designs set their products apart from the crowd. And behind the scenes, when they’re not pranking each other, they’re working out how they can make things better and more fun for all. Start today and join the movement.

Ruth Esther, USA @ruth_esther_seamstress

Ruth’s military service was her initial attempt at fashion design. Dilemma to solve: how to make the uniform and clothes fit her shape. Solution: a thrift store sewing machine later and there in the midst of chaos of shapes and fabrics, a designer was born. Ruth is a disabled veteran. Designing and making her designs come to life is therapeutic: emotionally, psychologically, physically. Ruth’s art is a mix of places and cultures, which defines her as well. Natural elements from all parts of the world. She does not fear combining vintage cuts with modern flare: avant-garde. Through maintaining a simple theme of self-empowerment in designing..owning body and mind authentically owning all of me. Ruth helps women self-actualize their own body and personal style. She’s not only dressing the silhouette of a person, but their essence. Dress the shape. And by doing so, she’s dressing their soul.

SABA, Pakistan @sabaasadofficial

SABA’s work is about sharing: sharing smiles, happiness, glamour. So, each dress is made with the client, shades, pricing, and cuts in mind. Inspiring women to look beautiful and feel even better! Each collection is inspired by her travels, the people she meets. With a love of history, she translates the beauty of what she perceives from her experiences in her designs. She mixes her royal heritage of hand embroidery, and variations of stitches and fabric with contemporary times. Putting all of herself in each design, she monitors and approves all stages of production in each department – from fabric design and dyeing to hand embroidery and cuts. Everything must be the best of the best: she uses only pure fabrics, exported embellishments, which don’t change color, and the finest draping and stitching. Her signature patterns and hand work set her apart from the rest. The detailing in her signature charms and embellishments speak for themselves. She balances family and work, navigates the complex challenges of being a boss in Pakistan, and gains the respect and confidence of all the men and women in her workplace. She thanks God for blessing her with an amazing production team and sales staff.

Silk Epoque by Olga Ziemann, Poland @silk_epoque_olga_ziemann

Privately, a loving mother, passionate about travel, fashion, and music. A person with a big heart. Modest and very talented. Silk Epoque reflects the impeccable style of founder and designer Olga Ziemann, who draws inspiration from travel, unique personalities, and adventures. The collections are full of feminine, extravagant creations that represent a modern and independent woman. A woman who is the perfect combination of strength, self-confidence, and good taste. The Silk Epoque by Olga Ziemann brand is characterized by exceptional functionality. Each outfit is perfect for going out for lunch, to the office, or a gala dinner. Silk Epoque presents their collections at numerous fashion shows, including in Paris, Berlin, and Milan. They focus on Polish production, high-quality materials, style, and elegance.

SKCreations, USA @skcreationsllc

Sharon A. Keyser, owner of SKCreations, LLC, is an artist with a lifelong passion for textiles and vibrant colors. Born and raised in Washington, DC, her great-grandmother taught her to sew when she was a very young girl and it opened up a whole new world for her. Sharon’s love of fabrics and patterns eventually fueled a desire to create her own original designs that could be printed onto fabrics as well as a variety of other surfaces. SKCreations, LLC offers unique apparel and accessory items featuring Sharon’s one-of-a-kind artworks, designed for those who desire originality, creativity, and craftsmanship in their fashion choices.

Sol AngelAnn, Russia @sol_angelann

Sol AngelAnn was founded and inspired by Russian designer and successful businesswoman, Irena Soprano. She made her bold dream come true by producing, for the first time in Russia, fabrics fully encrusted with crystals. An innovative workshop was created on the basis of her luxury atelier, where her own technology of applying crystals of different shapes and sizes onto the fabric was developed. Today, Sol AngelAnn has its own production in Moscow, where it hosts a team of highly qualified specialists: tailors, designers, fitters, seamstresses, decorators. Such a diversified team allows the brand to satisfy the growing consumer demand and to produce collections regularly. All of the collections meet the chosen concept, world fashion trends, and the highest quality standards.

SR STEPHANIE RENS, Belgium @stephanie__rens

Stephanie Rens was born in Brussels, the capital of Belgium located in the heart of Europe. At a very young age, she traveled around the world, discovering multiple cultures which greatly inspired her and contributed to her passion for designs. During her travels, she fell in love with the beautiful city of Miami, Florida, and was inspired by the colorful, exotic, and sensual sophistication of the Latin and American blends. In 2008, Stephanie graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design with a bachelor’s in fashion design. She was part of many fashion events during Miami Fashion Week and a finalist for multiple design contests. Designing is in her blood. As a kid, she liked to enhance the beauty of old objects, and customize clothes and furniture. She saw the potential to translate these items into something more beautiful and original. The day she really fell in love with fashion was when she realized how one could be seductive and special solely because of what they are wearing: the power of dressing.

Tabitha Andelin, USA @tabithaandelin

Tabitha Andelin represents and assists the new women uplifting themselves into today. Tabitha Andelin clothing designs focus on comfort. Comfort from using fabrics that are soft to touch. Comfort from taking the time to develop silhouettes that are impeccably functional. Comfort in knowing the ensemble makes the wearer confident. Comfort in knowing that the clothing is made in its purest art form.

THAT GORILLA BRAND, Greece @thatgorillabrand

Originating from Athens, Greece, TGB is a family-run brand that values quality, design, and purpose over profit. Featuring a diverse collection of men, women, and children’s everyday essentials that are designed with the purpose of giving back and made with love. That Gorilla Brand is proud to honor the animal that inspires them by supporting The Gorilla Organization, a charity that works tirelessly to protect this great ape and its habitat. While they always donate €2 from every item sold, each season they will also nominate one exclusive piece from their women, men, and kids’ collections and give 100% of the profits from these pieces directly to this amazing cause. They started their journey in 2018 with one mission: to create something bigger than a fashion brand. Something timeless, purpose-led, and premium. Something that commits to making a positive impact on the world. Their thoughts turned immediately to the gorilla. This fascinating, gentle, and quietly charismatic creature represents the three guiding values at the heart of everything they do: strength, love, and loyalty. TGB embraces these principles in a unique collection, featuring elevated basics that are made to last while valuing quality and design over profit.

Thykskynn, USA @Thykskynn

The most exclusive safety wear in the world. Thykskynn brand believes in protecting one’s energy, mentally, spiritually, and physically..

TON’s, Brazil @officialtons

Ton Costa, Cleiton AV Costa (São Paulo, Brazil, 1956), from childhood he was interested in the art of painting and drawing. He began his studies and artistic development in 1989. Ton, a self-taught artist, defines his painting as having strong gestural traits. His works are part of national collections, extending abroad – Europe, USA, and South America. He has participated in approximately 180 exhibitions, as a collective and individual, with awards in more than 80 of them..

Va’Ceia Designs, USA @vaceia_designs

Couture designer with a focus on vibrantly bold and unique garments to help people stand out from the crowd.

Vanity’s Gift, USA @vanitysgift

Malachi John Paige is a Black American multimedia artist, fashion designer, and filmmaker. Born May 13, 1995 in Detroit, Michigan. After moving to North Carolina, seven-year-old Paige won a school-wide art competition showing early signs of his creative prowess. Paige was an avid sportsman and talented ball player throughout grade school. After graduating high school, Paige enrolled into Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, double majoring in philosophy and theater. While at Morehouse, Paige showcased his artwork at local art exhibitions, modeled, and even performed in the Art After Dark play as a freshman at Spriggs Burrough on Spelman College campus. After a few run-ins with the law, Paige had to leave college. Soon after returning to North Carolina, Paige earned certification as an art instructor and taught all ages over the next two years at Michaels Stores, while also making independent short films. In 2018, at age 23, Paige launched the physical location of his designer brand, Vanity’s Gift, becoming the youngest store holder in downtown Durham history. In 2020, the store was nominated by Durham Mag for best clothing store. While the retail outlet was closed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vanity’s Gift quickly transitioned into local stores and even a showroom. Paige’s Vanity’s Gift is housed at showroom QloakLA in downtown Los Angeles and is also available online. QloakLA is known for celebrity placements and official published editorial credits. Paige most recently created a signature tailored men’s suit, the Vanity Suit, featuring original architecture and made of 100% Bermudan superfine wool. Upcoming, Paige has been recently cast in an IMDb-credited independent feature film titled Luv n Lyrics, scheduled for release in Summer 2022. Now at 26, Paige continues to hone his crafts, developing disciples in art, fashion design, and filmmaking realms.

Vitruvius (M Pollio Education Group Inc), Canada @green_apple_art_center @ida.newyork @lucaskaih @hu.fineart @banany21 @nicole23790

Vitruvius is a Canadian fashion brand founded in 2015 by Green Apple Art Center. It is a brand that creates pieces based on a collective of upstarts and young designers facilitated and nurtured by experienced mentors, teachers, and designers in the fashion space. Vitruvius is an embodiment of young designers’ bold creativity, authenticity, exploration, and distinctive self-identity. It seeks to promote the development of these designers by helping them professionally debut their collections and gain the experiences needed to become future trailblazers in their respective fashion spaces. Initially, the Vitruvius brand was based primarily in launching through the North American market focused solely on nurturing couture and avant-garde pieces but has since broadened its scope geographically and contextually to include both contemporary, classic, and ready-to-wear pieces. The Vitruvius brand has helped foster designers that end up attending Parsons, FIT, FIDM, Central Saint Martins, and the London College of Fashion to name a few, while others have gone on to foster their own brands or work under notable fashion brands. The ultimate goal is to foster an environment for designers to develop a brand-new perspective to unleash their creativity, ignite the creative catalyst, and cultivate a future full of development potential with their independent thinking and tailoring completed local to the market that they debut in. Primarily, most of the production currently is from the West Coast of Vancouver and materials are locally sourced.


ZAVW pronounced zo-eh means to be alive or like living water. ZAVW has a strong focus on creating unique yet timeless pieces while capturing the persona of women who are confident, bold, fearless in faith, and fierce in the way they love like a gentle fire.

Zina Untu, USA @zina.untu

Zina Untu: the designer’s first and last name. Zina Untu is who she is! Zina Untu continues to grow and develop together with her brand. Her brand is a mirror in which she is reflected, and through which she conveys to women her beauty, love, and strength of character. She invokes women to love themselves, be confident in their abilities, and stand upon their dreams. She wants the women choosing the brand Zina Untu to remind themselves that “I want! I can! I do!” is the path by which she came to success, and which will definitely lead to success for others too.

Wonderland Childrenswear, Brazil @wonderlandchildrenswear

Wonderland Childrenswear was created in 2016 in Brazil by mother-daughter duo Suzana and Gabriela Sobral. It began when Suzana made a black floral skirt for Gabby and everywhere she went, people wanted to know where it was from. They realized they had something special and decided to create an online store and Instagram profile to sell custom skirts. It all grew from there. Today, Gabriela is the designer and Suzana is the head seamstress. Wonderland’s main goal is to create age-appropriate, fun, and stylish fashion for children and teens. The collections are often influenced by the beauty and vibrancy of tropical flowers in South America, and feature fun styles and vibrant colors with a twist. The brand style is meant to represent childhood and how simple yet beautiful it can be, focusing the attention on turning simplicity into something captivating.

U L I V I, USA @ulivioficial

Femeninity and strength- ULIVI- WOMEN’S RESORT WEAR _NDC USA @not_dressedcloth _NDC is a bold, cutting edge, functional brand reconstructing the norm. Capturing all inspiration from their everyday lives, _NDC creates pieces inspired by people, and events from their past to present. Established in 2019 and based in Oakland, CA, expression is second nature to _NDC; it’s the gateway to being heard. From designer Kendraya Spooner, _NotDressedClothing is the outlet that speaks for all creatives.

The show was be held in partnership with Makeup Academy, supporting Flying Solo’s showcase with their team of talented artists for hair and makeup. Other partners include Boxed Water and Kansas Whiskey. Head Stylists for the show were Alina Kotsiuba & Stasi Berezovskaya.

The event was Livestreamed on

About Flying Solo

Flying Solo is the largest independent designers platform in the US, uniting over 300 designers from all over the world and boasting an innovative retail model.

While the industry struggled with the pandemic and with the steadily declining number of retail stores, Flying Solo managed to persevere with both Paris and New York in-person shows. As a testament to the success of the unique model, in November 2021 a new Flying Solo accessory boutique opened in the heart of SoHo at 417 West Broadway, and another flagship retail store is about to open its doors in Paris.


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