Five Ukrainian Designers to Know and Support

Five Ukrainian Designers to Know and Support

Internet-based fashion publication Fashion Reverie has posted a feature story about 5 Ukrainian Designers we should all know about & support.

The publication has a reputation for discovering note-worthy designers long before other publications take notice of their talents & with this story, Kristopher Johnson-Hoyle brings us his pick of the 5 designers his discriminating eye feels are ones to watch.


In the words of Hoyle, “As part of our commitment to supporting fashion & the Ukrainian people, Fashion Reverie is taking this moment to highlight designers that should be on your radar & encourage you to support Ukrainian makers & creators who depend on your patronage.”

The five designers who made his list are:

Each company has it’s own unique, signature point of view & the story introduces us to just enough to pique the reader’s interest & leave us wanting to explore more.

In the times the Ukraine finds itself in are indeed troubling on many levels. However, let’s look to these times as an opportunity to support the incredible talent that hails from this troubled country & support them any way we can. If these design houses caught the eye of the team at Fashion Reverie, there is something there that rises far above simply beautiful clothes. Trust us, you’ll be hearing more from these houses in the coming seasons. To read the entire story on Fashion Reverie, click on this link.


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