Fashion loving kids & caretakers: meet Little Red Fashion. The fashion startup you need to meet.

Fashion loving kids & caretakers: meet Little Red Fashion. The fashion startup you need to meet.

This is an appeal to your inner child. Whether you love kids, want to support their dreams in fashion, teach them to express themselves through clothes, or could use a little nostalgia to re-kindle your own passion, Little Red Fashion is right up your alley.

Imagine as many resources for kids who are into fashion as there are for other arts and sports. Imagine what kind of designers or fashion professionals we’d have after a generation of that. Our inner 10 year old fashion obsessed selves are so jealous.

Little Red Fashion

Photos : Silvan Borer @SilvanBorer

Little Red Fashion is the first education startup building resources for kids who love fashion & dress (that includes makeup by the way) through a lens of DEI and sustainability. Their first book, The Little Red Dress: A Kids Book About Fashion, is a hand-painted journey through the eyes and many lives of a mythical “it” dress as it goes from sketch to sample, runway and beyond teaching kids 8-10 about fashion’s ins and outs!

Their artwork alone is worth it as fashion illustration, but fun enough for kids to love (seriously, it’s so good, fans asked that they launch prints in July. They’ll be using the funds to create educational animations.) The Little Red Dress: A Kids Book About Fashion in hardcover augmented reality (AR) enhanced format will be available for pre order early-fall 2021. The e-book version (no AR) is currently available for pre-order on their website and drops the week before Thanksgiving. It’ll also get you a discount code for a hardcover edition pre-order.

Did we mention it also moves, and plays some great educational content that will be expanded over time? Oh, the best part? It’s the first of 12+ books in a series with amazing co-creators telling stories in authentic voices, this is just the beginning.

Founder Jonathan Joseph says, “We can’t build a more sustainable and equitable industry if we don’t beat toxic ideologies like racism, classism or body shaming and more to the punch while teaching fashion history, theory,, and. Little Red Fashion is here to do that one book, tool, or resources at at time. We’re here to make sure kids & families of all kinds see themeless within the world of fashion and have fun learning at the same time.”

Speaking of resources, tune in on their IG @LittleRedFashionCo every Thursday at 3:30 EST for a new segment of #ICanDoThat, part of their Little Red Village initiative focused on advice for kids and the grown ups in their life from fashion professionals of all kinds. For more in-depth coverage, check out this this episode of “The gold standard in fashion podcasts” according to Vogue; Dressed: The History of Fashion and visit their website at Hand painted illustrations come from The Little Red Dress: A Kids Book About Fashion and are done by Zurich based illustrator Silvan Borer. (All Rights Reserved)


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