Expert Tips for Cutting Your Own Hair

Expert Tips for Cutting Your Own Hair

The coronavirus pandemic has made people learn several ways of doing things independently.

One of the things that people have learned during the pandemic is to take care of their hair, including cutting it into desirable sizes. With most nonessential services closed down, including the hairdressers and barbershops, it becomes important for one to learn the various tricks of taking care of their hair.

Whether you want to change your looks or desperately need a trim to your overgrown hair, cutting it yourself is not an easy task. You might end up with one of the worst styles, never witnessed. However, with the right equipment and other tips, you can develop a better hairstyle away from the norm. Here are some expert tips you can use when cutting your hair.

Get Yourself Some Good Hair Clippers

While some still prefer scissors in trimming their hair, hair clippers are the best when trimming your hair at home. It is easier to cut your hair using hair clippers than when using scissors. Therefore, to make it easier to trim or cut your hair, it is important to get yourself the right hair clipper size that will cut your hair to the level you want. Achieving the perfect hairstyle requires you to match your haircut number to a clipper of the right size.

In most cases, the hair clipper size represents the hair guard installed in the clipper. The number written on the clipper represents the amount of hair you will remain with after trimming. Therefore, getting the right clipper is as important if you want to achieve a perfect shave.

Take it Slow

It would be best not to rush when cutting down your hair, as this will make you mess with your style. Ensure that you approach your hair slowly to create an almost perfect cut. It would help if you used the ”less is more” approach to avoid disastrous results with your hair.

Also, when cutting your hair, you shouldn’t do it in bulk. Take a few strands at a time while going back to fetch some more strands. When you do it this way, it will be easier to rectify the mistakes than when you take large chunks of hair. It will be easier to rectify a two-inch mistake than one that has happened all over your head.

Mind the Body Positioning

How you position your body during the cut greatly affects the final results of your haircut. This is the reason why you see most hairstylists moving round and round when doing their hair, as they want to get the best position for every section of your head. Therefore it is important to position your body the right way to have the perfect cut.

If cutting the hair yourself, stand up or sit down nicely before cutting. Also, if you should move the head to cut, move the head first, then do the cut and not vice versa. Moving your head every time will result in unevenness and might not bring out the best cut. You will end up with several patches of long hair all over your head. Therefore, be still before making any move with your hair clipper.

Do Not Get Too Fancy

You are not a hair expert, but someone who wants to have a nice haircut. Therefore, you shouldn’t go for fancy hairstyles. Stick with the basic cut. Avoid adding layers or other styles that you might not perfectly do well in your head. If there is a style you will want to make, you can go for the bangs style, which is easy to perfect for anyone.

Before cutting your hair, it is important to research the available styles and get ones that perfectly match your head. Of course, you might want to try your regular style, but you can leave it for the hair experts if it’s complicated.

Never Expect Professionals Results

When cutting their hair, most people will want to have the same cut as ones done by their hair stylists. While you can do this through practice, you shouldn’t expect to get the exact hairstyle you come out with from your barbershop. This outcome is because you are not experienced, and you are doing this by yourself, in your head.

Besides this, professional hairstylists and barbers use sophisticated hair preparation and cutting tools that you might not have in your house. Some have even undergone some of the highest training and have practiced for many years, perfecting their art. Therefore, ensure that you only perfect what you can and do not get discouraged when things don’t fall in place. It’s only the hair that will soon grow back and make a near-perfect cut.

Do Not Over Direct Your Hair

When cutting their hair, most individuals will want to pull it as much to see where they are cutting it. Some will want to pull sections of their hair away from where they fall naturally to achieve the perfect cut. Doing so will not give you the best results.

Over-directing your hair makes it have short-to-long cuts or vice versa. In short, you won’t be having the perfect cut as the strands won’t be at the perfect level. Therefore, try as much to cut the hair in its natural position.

Have Someone to Help in Complicated Areas

While you can wholly trim your hair, sometimes it becomes impossible to do so, especially in sensitive areas, including the ears and the forehead. If you face these complications, it is important to get someone, probably from your family, to help you cut down your hair and avoid unnecessary accidents.

Having a second set of eyes helps you to cut the hair in sensitive areas perfectly. Suppose this option is not available, especially when living alone. In that case, you can consider having various sets of mirrors, which you can use to make cuts on sections you can’t effectively reach.

You need to know that cutting your hair will not give the same result as your hairstylist. But it would be best to try as much to perfect your style. Therefore, it is important to follow the above tips and others more to have a better cut. Your first cut might not be the best, but through practice and the right tools, you can perfect it.


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