ERR;OR Reveals SS19 Graphics with Leader Gerard Adams

ERR;OR Reveals SS19 Graphics with Leader Gerard Adams

PUL Sheen, The creative director and designer of ERR;OR NYC and Korean artist Kove Lee want to involve and question the public through an interactive design. On Monday, March 11th Creative & Leader Gerard Adams sat with Designer PUL Sheen as he gets first take on the new interactive Print t-shirts in collaboration with designer Kove Lee. There will be three different versions of the t-shirts which are called Scientism, John Nash, and SAFEWORDERROR.


Referring to the attitude that only science provides true knowledge and can explain all problems but by putting graphics about scientism and religion in the same space, they want to question the public, “Can science be explained with faith?”


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John Nash

The film “Beautiful Mind” which starred Russel Crowe as John Nash which is a film about a genius mathematician who was challenged with the problem “ Riemann Function”. The “Riemann Function” is what ERR;OR focuses on as it was one of the world’s seven most difficult problems that drove many mathematicians to death. Pi, the mathematical symbol representing the Riemann Function, has been slightly modified to make it look like a Chinese letter which meant death. The words on the back of the shirt are in German which tell the story of Riemann.


The Riemann Function led a lot of geniuses to death, so the image on the t-shirt which is related to the tragic situation is beautifully represented by the soft tones of baby pink and blue.

Each t-shirt will have a different and in depth meaning which lead to the overall question: “Can faith be explained with science?”

Gerard Adams says, “Faith is within us all and we are all allowed our own opinions. There are many things science has yet to prove but we are allowed the tools ourself to possibly figure things about. We need to challenge ourselves more which will push us in many ways and to open more doors.”

Allowing fashion to bring us together and allow us to mentally challenge ourselves as we question some of the most difficult challenges. Interaction is what PUL Sheen strongly believes in and is focused on as he brings on innovation to each piece created. This particular collection is focused on the grand scheme of science and mathematics from symbols to word translations. It is more than just a t-shirt, it is an interaction between the mind and body.

The images are Leader and Creative Gerard Adams posing with each t-shirt and interacting with Designer PUL Sheen. As a motivational speaker and influence it is Gerard Adams job to tell a story and depict or understand the complexity of certain degrees of life so he was the perfect candidate to have first sit down with as he went through the t-shirts.

These t-shirts are set to release in April while in the meantime ERR;OR will be collaborating with SXSW on March 15th, with his second presentation as well as a music showcase featuring some of Korea and Japan’s biggest artist.


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