Emerging Talents Milan Men’s Fashion

Emerging Talents Milan Men’s Fashion

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Emerging Talents is the most international fashion platform of Milan Fashion Week. The aim is to support talented designers to create a professional network that leads to enlarging the sales or even reaching the very first sell-points. Since 2016 the creative project has selected and promoted around 65 brands from 17 countries.

We believe that the competition is gone. Now is time to collaborate and join forces together. Therefore we find group exhibitions to be one of the most important trends that give young brands a chance to be seen.

Emerging Talents Milan Men’s Fashion

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Photos: Anna Minaeva

On June 15, Emerging Talents presented 4 menswear designers: Rasena’s Men from Russia, INKOVER Streetwear and Connection Knitwear & Clothing from Italy, and Jatin Malik Couture from India.

INKOVER Streetwear (Italy)

MISSION Our idea comes from the passion for tattoos of our designer: hence the name of the brand, literally “ink-over.” We are focused on streetwear: minimal and dynamic for him and her. Our mission is to transfer the use of ink into various forms of art: from painting to comics, from a sketch of a tattoo to graffiti. So we are not selling only clothing: we are trying to sell an idea of style and passion. Perseverance, creativity, and care of the details are the strength of our brand. Our brand is specializing in jackets, coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and pants.

SPRING SUMMER 2020 The collection is inspired by graffiti and underground culture as well. Styles are recalling streetwear designs from Japan. They inspired us to find new ways of the incorporation of custom brand applications to exit the canonical use of logotype. The laminate and reflecting fabrics mix the streetwear with workwear and futurism.

STORY OF THE DESIGNER The designer is Camillo, 29 years old. He never studied or worked in fashion: first, the scientific training, then economics, then working as director of a metalworking company. At that time he was also involved in buying of corporate apparel, and from there he decided to go on a completely different adventure. He was able to mix opposite worlds with the help of his sister Matilde, 24, who graduated from Fashion Design & Marketing at Bologna University (UNI.LU.NA). The two share a passion for fashion and are unified by one idea: strangers to the mass. A mix that could work: the method against creativity, the pragmatic against the abstract. Two different visions and lifestyles are largely influencing the collections: our strength is in the fact that the research and ideas emerge from opposite life experiences.

RasenA’s Men (Russia)

We took tales of knights and heroes and transferred the images of the main characters into the garments reflecting the modern times. We were inspired by their courage and wisdom, devotion and patience, faith and willpower. ⠀ According to the legend, there are wolves inside of us, each of them we feed. The serpent Zmey Gorynych protects our souls. The sword shows power and greatness. ⠀ A Russian man — a defender, a faithful husband, and an earner. In this collection,  man stands strong, confident, with faith in victory and a fair end. ⠀ We connected ancient costumes with modern trends and created the collection, which reflects man’s beauty and power from outside and inside. ⠀ RasenA believes that a modern man will choose peace instead of a weapon, courage instead of cowardice, and love instead of betrayal.

We believe in a men power and want you to believe in it too.

Connection Knitwear and Clothing (Italy)

Born in Milan as a knitwear brand, Connection Knitwear and Clothing has since then widened its activity to producing outerwear and tailoring. All our collections of luxury casualwear and tailored garments are inspired by 1950s and 1960s menswear designs. In every piece, we aim to combine heritage allure with modern wearability.

Mid-century Military wear has also entered our mood boards as a permanent inspiration source. Some of the pieces from this season like the shearling pilot jacket and the motorcyclist double-breasted clasp coat in waxed cotton with detachable collar in Alpaca reflect the influence of that idea. We like to think of the man who wears Connection as a ‘gentleman adventurer.’ He is perfectly at ease in one of our weatherproof pull-over anoraks as well as in a sleek three-piece suit or sportcoat we have tailored in Naples. Knitwear is the versatile link between all the designs of the collection; it ranges from the so-called ‘leisure shirts’ who gained widespread popularity since the 50s among jazz musicians, playboys and various subcultures, to the rugged rollnecks handknitted with 1920s patterns. Every piece has its roots, and aesthetics are never separated from the function.

Selected Italian artisans, based either in Milan or in well renowned areas of traditional manufacturing excellence, work with the best quality materials (like British and Italian fabrics, Italian and Spanish leathers and suedes, Icelandic sheepskins) and accessories to craft every single garment branded by Connection Knitwear and Clothing, to give you that ‘extra mile’.

Jatin Malik Couture (India)

Pardis – The quintessence of Indian artistry

Reflecting the mughal heritable attributes and their love for nature, the collection is inspired by the Jaharanas, the beautiful mughal gardens which represented the heaven on Earth, emanated the sanctity of nature. The collection features contemporary silhouettes amalgamated with the traditional Indian embroidery techniques of zardozi and aari. Each creation represents the rich heritage of Indian fashion is interwoven into the grandeur of mughal era. The color palette narrates the mughal story with the jewel tones of Rich Plum, Royal Emerald, Prussian Blue graduating towards a nature-inspired muted palette of Dusty Mauve, Arctic Blue, Dirty Lavender. Talking about the collection, couturier Jatin Malik said, “For Milan Fashion Week, the focus is to highlight the talent of the Indian craftsmen on a global platform and to direct attention towards our brand philosophy of capturing the Indian cultural heritage and rendering fashion-forward contemporary ensembles.”

About Jatin Malik Couture: Jatin Malik Couture is an Indian menswear brand which specializes in handcrafted Sherwanis, Achkans and Achkan Kurtas. The brand focuses on highlighting the traditional Indian art and craftsmanship of the embroidery. It is a celebration of stellar handwoven fabrics combined with fine intricacies. Captivating the tone of weddings wear with royal Zardosi, it speaks timeless elegance. We commemorate traditional embroidery with modern tailoring to provide aberrant sophistication. Each outfit helps break the monotony and stand out in the crowd. With our flagship store in Defence Colony, Delhi. We aim to provide modern day grooms, outfits that can easily transition between traditional and modern.


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