Emerging Talents Milan Fashion Week

Emerging Talents Milan Fashion Week

Emerging Talents Milan proudly presents the newest edition of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/2021 with a Collective Runway Show on February 22 and Talents Trade Show on February 23 and 24, that gathers outstanding international brands, again in historical Palazzo Visconti di Modrone.

Stefan Djokovich

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Collezione Notturno di alta moda is inspired by the colors of the night as well as Chopin's piano compositions Nocturnos (night music). It is no surprise that music was the inspiration for designer collection, considering he is a master of the opera and piano PhD candidate with performances in world famous halls like Carnegie Hall. The collection begins with a combination of black, royal blue and silver-lavender-powder pink and a final pearl wedding dress showing the color palette of the night from midnight to dawn. The fact that this collection will be shown in the magnificent Visconti Palace and is part of the official Milano FW calendar is one of the young designer's greatest accomplishments in addition to the Best Haute Couture Designer Award at FW Dubai 2019 and the Upcoming Star Split Global Fashion Awards in 2019.

Diana Caramaci

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The Designer Diana Caramaci established the brand with the same name back in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. Since then, Diana Caramaci is on the up-and-up due to its unique designs and conquered some of the most famous international runways such as the catwalk of New York Fashion Week, Vienna Fashion Week, Oman Fashion Week, Bucharest Fashion Week and now will showcase the latest collection FW 20/21 during Milan Fashion Week with Emerging Talents Milan.

Diana Caramaci creates artwork with every clothing piece and adds a personal touch to every item. The designs are slightly extravagant, trying to highlight each women’s silhouette by using natural and pretentious fabrics. The Diana Caramaci pieces are created for confident and powerful women, who have a desire to stand out.

The FW 20/21 collection will be showcased during MFW at Palazzo Visconti in Milan and it’s a unique collection which was created particularly for the runway of Milan, having an Italian touch. The Fall Winter collection will present a unique combination between volumes, oversized details and contrasting Italian details, which are meant to be there to render the dream of warm, summer days during a cool winter. The floral elements will remind everyone of the implicit sense of style and femininity of proud women who want to build a warm atmosphere of togetherness with community.

Urban Kimono

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An eulogy to lightness and to the slow and conscious movement as opposed to heaviness, speed and inconsistency of modern liquid society, components of the most sophisticated and authentic expression of human beauty, which feed the unconscious aspiration of human beings towards immortality, together with grace and elegance.Japanese heritage and refinement meet the Italian elegance and lifestyle as an artistic expression and celebration of life. Urban Kimono dresses are conceived, designed, cut, sewn, embroidered and assembled in Italy, using the best Italian fabrics and craftsmen and interpreting a timeless style.

Urban Kimono is a women's collection luxury brand organized around the contemporary expression of the traditional Japanese "Kimono", with a basic shape that is modulated in different garments in terms of length, materials, embroidery and colors. Each embroidered model was chosen from drafts that embody a deep spiritual meaning values: flamingos as symbols of trust and innocence, tigers for strength and success, dragons for wisdom and loyalty, goldfish for good luck and bamboo for its quality and flexibility, which folds without breaking.


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NYMF is an international fashion brand from Estonia with a mission to inspire women to rediscover their power by speaking the magical language of dresses.With her latest collection, designer Triin Kärblane gives women an opportunity to truly experience the power of their inner goddesses. NYMF will open up its portal on the stage at the Milan Fashion Week to invoke a whole spectre of goddesses for the spectators to marvel at. Each dress represents an aspect of a goddess, has its own character and purpose, which gives it a magical power to unveil the divine qualities within every one of us.

The audience gets to witness a metamorphosis of a nymph who has been hiding from the world for a long time but now transforms into a fragile yet all-powerful dragonfly. This change further illustrates the transformation of the brand itself in recent years. Dragonfly symbolizes a messenger and a guide between the two worlds – the visible and the invisible, the real one and the illusory one. But which is actually which?

The collection combines iridescent unworldly elements with worldly ones, intertwines feminine traits of softness and fluidity with rustic power, and serves as a bridge between the mysterious moon and the all-illuminating sun, resulting in a perfectly balanced and harmonious whole. NYMF brings out the invisible goddesses. Both on stage as well as within every woman.

Hian Tjen

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A man known for his extraordinary creative talent, Hian Tjen is easily one of the most respected fashion designers in Indonesia. As one of the most sought-after designers, HianTjen has created a distinctive niche in the world of fashion with his innovative and uncompromising expression of creativity.

Having established himself over the past 11 years in fashion, Hian Tjen is set to travelling to Milan for a re-staging of his “PERFCT10N” couture collection unveiled in Jakarta – plus exclusive new creations!

This collection pays homage to traditional Christian church fellowships, The Amish with unique interpretations. This collection pulls inspiration from a burning curiosity and fascination of the traditional Amish community that lives by their conventional and seemingly simple lives. Conceptualising the ideas and beliefs of the community, and having visited where The Amish are native to, Hian Tjen puts a modern twist to The Amish concept and makes use of detailed workmanship and a variety of fabric. Combining embroidery, quilting, beadings, printing, lace, and many more, the collection also features some hand illustrations that were transformed into a certain type of fabric. Always exploring new things, this visionary of a designer plays with shapes, cuttings and uses different materials also he created his own fabrics with exquisite details.

Capturing the true essence of The Amish, Hian Tjen explored through different elements and lifestyle symbols like exotic animals, lush plantation, rich agriculture, and vegetation, for inspiration of this couture collection. The colour palette of the looks flirted with extravagant classic earthy tones that gives out that collectively feminine and elegant look yet somehow each with their own characteristic and level of intricacy.

A decade of innovation and cementing his position as the top young designer in the country, Hian Tjen will showcase his iconic methods with new techniques and color composition in this fashion show. This is an especially important collection for Hian Tjen as each piece required extreme detailed work with well executed techniques making it extra personal for him. Pioneering the industry with moves that always surprise, this collection is sure to be an exemplary exhibit of Hian Tjen’s brilliant mind at work.


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